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Book Review – So Long and Thanks For All The Fish By Douglas Adams

Part four of the series and what was intended to be the end?


What does Goodreads say?

Just as Arthur Dent’s sense of reality is in its dickiest state he suddenly finds the girl of his dreams. He finds her in the last place in the Universe in which he would expect to find anything at all, but which 3,976,000 people will find oddly familiar. They go in search of God’s Final Message to His Creation and, in a dramatic break with tradition, actually find it.

The fourth instalment of the series is where it starts to go downhill, don’t get me wrong there are still moments of sheer comic genius but you can tell that the author really doesn’t seem to want to be writing it.  It starts off well enough but the thread of the plot become increasingly erratic as the various strands diverge and in some cases end rather abruptly.  You are left with the feeing of complete confusion and a little disappointment.

This is a short review as a) it is a short book and b) well like the book you are left feeling you don’t really know much more than you did at the end of the last book.

After 5 stars for the first three parts of this series the 3 out of 5 I am giving this might seem harsh and if this had been written by a different author I might have marked it higher but because it is part of this series it has to be judged against them as well as on its own merits.



One thought on “Book Review – So Long and Thanks For All The Fish By Douglas Adams

  1. It’s great that you’ve been able to be honest about an author I know you admire.But, if a book disappoints it doesn’t matter who’s written it, it disappoints.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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