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Book Review – Life, The Universe and Everything By Douglas Adams

On to the third part of the Hitchhiker’s series…


First of all the Goodreads summary…

In consequence of a number of stunning catastrophes, Arthur Dent is surprised to find himself living in a hideously miserable cave on prehistoric Earth. However, just as he thinks that things cannot possibly get any worse, they suddenly do. He discovers that the Galaxy is not only mind-boggling big and bewildering but also that most of the things that happen in it are staggeringly unfair.

First I have to say while I had read the first two books numerous times I realised that I really had neglected reading these later parts of the series.  I read them years ago but they just did not grab me like the others had and rereading them now I understand why.  Adams is of course witty throughout but the story-lines become increasingly complex, and while I did enjoy it still I can see how the younger me got distracted.

I almost thing it would have been better if this and the next three books had been put together however I understand why they weren’t firstly the size of book and secondly the publishers would have wanted to make as much money as possible.  I do think that this could never have been the final book, there would always have needed to be another instalment. While I did not feel as invested in this book as much as the previous two there are nonetheless some moments of sheer genius and I will certainly pass it on to my son when he is older.

The rating for this is slightly lower than the first two with 4.5 out of 5.

images 4.5

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