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Z is for Zanzibar – Places I Dream of Seeing!

Z Today is the final day of the A – Z challenge, I will post a reflection/round up post on Saturday but I just want to say what a blast I have had this year and how much I love the fact through this challenge I make a couple of new friends every year and I look forward to continuing my visits to their blogs.imagesz

Zanzibar was a place I found by looking up Z cities rather than it just jumping into my mind but once I took a look at the images I was not only hooked but I knew this was the perfect ending to our virtual global journey.  We have climbed mountains, visited the past, swum with various creatures in different seas and taken in more history than an A level course.  It seems right that we should finally end on a more relaxing note.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I do not know much about Zanzibar, actually scrap that I know nothing about it, from the little I just quickly read like all African countries it has had its share of issues and the division of poverty/wealth is probably as uneven as in most countries but as I do not know I cannot comment though of course before thinking about a real life visit these things would be considered  Tourism is a growing industry but as yet has not taken over completely from what I have seen but to be honest it will not be long judging from the gorgeous beaches.zanzibar I love this little house out in the sea though I am not sure I would want to live there all year round as I should imagine there are times the waves must crash against it.

It has the perfect conditions for snorkelling and diving I mean really could that water be any clearer? And there seems to be an abundance of sea life to observe, further out to sea whales and dolphins can be found, while nearer to the coast turtles and fish swim amongst the coral.

But this is not an all action holiday more, reflective, relaxing and for the writer a perfect creative paradise.znzroya_4

And at the end of the day it would be perfect if each and every one of you could pull up a hanging chair with me down on the beach, during the day we could read, or write in notebooks or just watch the world go by. Then in the evening  sit and chat as we wait for the sun to go down.

Zanzibar-Sunset-Tansania It would be my honour to watch the sunset with each and everyone of you.

2 thoughts on “Z is for Zanzibar – Places I Dream of Seeing!

  1. Paula, its been great to meet you and enjoy your travelling, don’t forget when you are heading over to Australia let me know so we can meet up somewhere! Maybe a picnic in Darwin!!


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