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Y is for Yangon – Places I Dream of Seeing!

Y  The final two letters resulted in me having to do a city search but actually both this and the Z choice are places I do want to visit they just weren’t ones that spring straight to mind.myanmar-map

Yangon is more commonly known to most of us as Rangoon, one of the more well now cities in the country formerly known as Burma. Now Burma or Myanmar as it is now known is not somewhere which automatically springs to mind as a place to visit but like many people there is a family connection though a very tenuous one.grandma's cousin ron

This picture was taken during WWII and is my grandma’s cousin Ron, it was taken in Burma while he was serving in that area, or at least that is what she was told though we have no actual proof. So when Yangon came up in the list of Y cities it jumped off the page at me and I have to say I was stunned by just how beautiful the city is.Mystical-Shwedagon-Pagoda-in-Myanmar-4

As you know from our A-Z journey around the world I have a pit of a thing for temples and architecture in general. Now I should imagine that there is of course a disparity between the magnificent golden spires and the conditions normal people in, I confess I do not know too much about life in this country so my dream of seeing here is based solely on the spectacular images I found and the possibility of learning more about experiences of previous generations of my family.Kandawgyi_Lake,_Yangon

I would guess that Ron was possibly fairly well off from looking at the photo, my grandma did not really know much about that part of the family, I imagine that this picture of the park in the city might reflect more the landscape as he would have seen it with the older buildings and temples.  I do fancy the idea of taking a cruise on one of the golden ships.537

I do not know where they actually take you but even if it were just a quick trip round a lake but to travel on a floating golden pagoda, well how can I resist that. sunset-in-bagan

Just looking at the views I really think this is somewhere to visit that should be on everyone’s list of places in the world to see.  As I say it is not somewhere I know too much about but I look forward to learning about.

Tomorrow is Z and the final day of A-Z I cannot believe firstly how quick it has gone and secondly that I will have actually succeeded and done every single letter this year!

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