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X if for Xi’an- Places I Dream of Seeing!

X  This is the last letter where I automatically had a place that came straight to mind.  Once again this is a problematic choice in terms of actually visiting however today I am not going to go into all that again, I know you all will understand the human and animal rights issues and hope as I do that one day these will all be resolved.Location-of-Xian-city

There are many places within China that are worthy of visiting and if I had the time available I would actually love to walk the full length of the Great Wall but for this challenge I am going to be a little more focused on one place.001372acd0b512b5fb0003

The city here has recently been restored allowing visitors to see it in its full splendour, and also though I do not feature pictures here there have been several additional attractions created in order to attract more tourists and I would imagine try to get them to use the city as a base for travels in the country. 94119-004-38D8CE42

China is a country which embraces its traditions and is probably one of the most beautiful places you could ever visit in terms of human creation.  It is so sad to think that the beauty that is created there is not a benefit to many of the people who live there.  Like our own history that of China is blood-soaked, in fact lets face in most older civilisations have their share of history they would prefer to forget but in one aspect China displays theirs in the most incredible way.Xian_guerreros_terracota_general

I am not as up on my history as I wish I were and though I could google and spout lots of facts the truth is I just find the idea of this fascinating and prefer it without the facts. First you have an Emperor who believes he needs a terracotta army, then you have all the craftsmen that actually made them and set them up. Then you have the guys who painted them and went into intricate detail on their costumes. The fact they all seem to look a little different means you can almost imagine a real army trooping in one by one for their model making.  I remember seeing pictures showing the detail that went into them like the hair and even patterns on the bottom of the shoes.  The horses for me are even more amazing, imagine having the skill to create those magnificent creatures.

This is the China I would love to see, the creative and beautiful and magnificent.

7 thoughts on “X if for Xi’an- Places I Dream of Seeing!

    1. Don’t worry hun real life never allows us to do all the things we want, we have to prioritise I am turning into a scheduling freak trying to fit everything in. I have started using scheduling to do blog posts as much as possible but also for all my FB posts, it seems like my whole life is split into hour chunks 11am to 12 is blog post writing time where I will try to get at least one or two done and respond to any comments outstanding then 12 till 1 is lunch and while I eat I read the posts from the day before from the blogs I follow lol

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  1. Wonderful choice Paula.A civilisation while most of us were still barbarians. That he chose to take a TerraCotta army into the afterlife has to be better than the Egyptian choice of taking real life slaves to serve. What a wonder it must have been discovering the army and seeing just how many there were.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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