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V is for Venice – Places I Dream of Seeing!

V Apologies for the late posting, I meant to write the post last night then got distracted by Britain’s Got Talent, then I meant to do it this morning but was busy watching the London marathon and once more saying I am going to do it eventually. Then this afternoon well I am not actually sure where that went.imagesv

But I am here now and today we are heading back to Italy once more to Venice. It does seem some parts of the world feature more prominently in this list than others but I assure you it is only because of the nature of the challenge I could as easily have picked Vienna which came a close second but there is an extra attraction to Venice or maybe two.il_fullxfull.383842429_1b31

The first is my Grandma went there years ago.  Ironically after her visit she tried to put me off going, she claimed the buildings were beautiful but the canals were foul and I should go to Rome instead if I wanted to visit Italy.GondolaDetailsVenice0170

The time my Grandma went was before before they began the big clean up of the canals when sewage still flowed into every waterway and she swore anyone that ever fell in would have to have a dozen shots and be quarantined but that was the nurse in her talking. She went shortly after my Granddad died with my aunt and uncle and I did wonder if that had jaded her view of the place, how do you go to one of the most romantic cities in the world when you have just lost the love of your life.  Saying that had he been alive she would not have gone, after his experiences in the war he never left British soil again.  ven

The thing is the real Venice I long to see I would need a time machine to visit. Though of course they still hold Masquerade Balls and the Carnival I cannot imagine it coming close to the opulence and extravagance of the ones held in the Eighteenth Century, of course I would not turn down an invitation to the modern version but would certainly need to spend time and money on an appropriate costume before I could go.

We are nearing the end of the challenge only a few more letters to go and I cannot believe how quickly it has flown by.

5 thoughts on “V is for Venice – Places I Dream of Seeing!

    1. I am beginning to realise that unless I do win the lottery the chances of seeing all the places I want to is receding further into the distance with each passing year. I would consider robbing a bank but I am as likely to blow myself up as blow the safe door off so I better get on with getting some books published and hope someone out there wants the film rights lol


  1. This is another one I agree on but only because the catacombs there fascinate me
    ( so do those in Rome., Paris and London) The thought of burials from over a thousand years ago of the great and good like Templar knights really catches my imagination. I can’t understand how those in Venice aren’t flooded. We can go and discover treasure.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    1. The cactacombs I really want to see are the onesat Palermo where little Rosalia is, I admit I am torn but the fact they have made them a tourist attraction but also the fact the the monks actually chose to be hung on the walls there which would imply they wanted to be seen after death.

      Try to enjoy a few hours relaxing and at least make sure you have an ice cream, you have to have ice cream on holiday

      Huge hugsxxx


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