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U is for USA – Places I Dream of Seeing!

U  This one is a little different because I am planning already to make this dream a reality though sadly it will probably be 2017 before I can make it come true. chicago-dusk

It is also not quite the USA road trip most people would take as you will come to understand.  The places I see on this trip are an additional bonus this is a trip of the heart.  I will most likely land in Chicago and maybe spend a day or to taking in the sights there and recovering from jetlag, then the real fun begins.ValparaisoIndiana-MultiView-1958-SS

Next stop Valparaiso, Indiana.  I played on a FB game for years and made some great friends, they and their families have become part of my life even though technically we have never met.  My friend Wendell lives here with his wife and kids though by the time I get there one of his daughters may very well be living over here, he says it makes him feel better knowing if she does he knows I will be there for her if anything happens.  His whole family are amazing, and as he has also had the same surgery on his back as me we can have fun setting metal detectors off in unison lol.  So after a few days there we move on to the next stop…peoria

Peoria, Illinois, I am hoping it will be possible to maybe met a couple of people here. Firstly I am heading to visit someone that though again we have never met face to face has become of of my best friends, Susan.  We have sat up till unearthly hours on opposite sides of the globe talking and supporting each other in some of our darkest hours. We send parcels across the ocean and share our families successes and pain and I love her like a sister. Not only that but I am proud to call myself CyberGodParent to her first grandchild and if anyone thinks what nonsense that is I don’t care and neither does fate as little Logan held on and decided to be born on my birthday.  He will be a toddler rather than a baby when I get to physically say hello but I am hoping to get it organised to Skype with him long before that so he isn’t overwhelmed by the hugs he is going to get.  I am hoping though it may be possible to meet up for a coffee with the amazing Heidi Sieverding who is not only one of the first blogs I ever followed on WP but also now a good friend and only lives about thirty miles from Peoria from what I understand so fingers crossed.  After a week here I know I shall be devastated to leave but there is at least one more person I would love to visit and another city to fit in.eu1

Next we move on to the Big Apple, yup no visit would be complete without New York now in an ideal world I really want to fit visiting another friend Rhonda in on this trip trip between these two points but I have not figured that out yet plus she has a habit of moving so I need to work it out closer to the time when I know where she will definitely be, I was gutted when she came to the UK and our plans to meet up were ruined by me having to be in hospital having more surgery but I know it is only a matter of time before we sit down face to face.

Now obviously lots of things to do and see in New York but I also need to visit New Jersey because another special friend made through WP resides there the ever beautiful Emily Guido.  We have so much in common it is scary, the only thing I hold against her is she promised me lots more vlogs and I am still waiting because she is such a wonderfully creative and talented lady as well as a beautiful soul and she needs to share her smile with us all more often.

From New York I will return home a sad to leave such amazing people but so eternally grateful that they have all allowed me to be part of their lives.  So you could say this USA road trip will not be down Route 66 but straight across my heart.

5 thoughts on “U is for USA – Places I Dream of Seeing!

    1. Didn’t you read the end lol I said “Now obviously lots of things to do and see in New York but I also need to visit New Jersey because another special friend made through WP resides there the ever beautiful Emily Guido” my main worry is you will be off on a book signing tour by the time I get there lol believe me no way am I coming to the States and not fitting in a few days with you


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