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S is for St Petersburgh – Places I Dream of Seeing!

S This is a place I have longed to go for years but know that the political climate makes it somewhere I could never justify going to myself.  64419-004-2DE2ACDC

Photo Via Google images

St Petersburgh may very well be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  When I googled for the images I really was spoilt for choice. This is a city that has stunning architecture where ever you look, though I would suspect that the places real people live are no where near as picturesque.

In so many places the gap between the rich and poor is drastic but for some reason it is more painful to think of it here.  I love our royal family, the stories of the Romanov’s and the Russian revolution horrified me as a child and I always hope that Anastasia would turn up though of course every claim has been false and now time has run out.  But you cannot help thinking when those people overturned their monarchy they believed in a brighter future which sadly they do not seem to have.Griboedov_Canal

I believe that 98 percent of Russian people are lovely, genuine caring people but the problem is the other two percent and they are the ones who mar their countries beauty which their actions and beliefs. I know this is a little political for me but how could I walk along these beautiful canals knowing that others are not free to do the same because of colour or sexuality.  The people in charge point fingers to keep the people fighting amongst themselves to deflect away from the fact they live under the watch of others who are playing by different rules.St Petersburg 3

I can only hope that eventually the good people of Russia will say enough is enough and maybe it might take another revolution but one day they will have the freedom to live their lives without fear. This week a British diver who is openly gay was in Russia and his twitter feed was full of people imploring him to be careful and reminding him he was in danger despite his high profile status.suburbs-of-st-petersburg

I want to visit here so badly and Moscow and other cities but until things change my heart and head cannot allow me to.

Sorry for the little rant, I try to avoid politics but this is something that gets to me, no one has to support a lifestyle they do not agree with but they do not have the right to persecute and physically harm others because they do not share their feelings.

One thought on “S is for St Petersburgh – Places I Dream of Seeing!

  1. I went just after the fall of the Soviet Union when life was very hard for everyone. My husband went back last year on business and said there had been huge changes in the standard of living, but I agree with your points. I have no desire to return.


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