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Q is for Quebec – Places I Dream of Seeing!

Q  This was one of the letters I had to think a little harder on, yes this place did spring to mind but I had to be sure that I was choosing it for the right reasons rather than convenience.quebec

Now I have expressed before that I do not like the cold and maybe the fact the winters are so harsh is part of the reason Canadian cities have not featured in my list so far.  The thing is I know what a beautiful country it is and have friends there I would like to visit so maybe Quebec would not be a bad place to start.quebec_cnt_6nov09_istock_b

The architecture is stunning and reminds me a little of something from a Disney film, you could almost imagine glass slippers going flying as a princess flees the scene.Quebec-City-Canada3_1

Even with snow on the ground the scenery is still breathtaking but it is not just the cities that hold the attraction.  Canada is home to some spectacular countryside and wildernesses, mountains and lakes and the odd water fall.f340f36a35584aaf5dc26f33868d35e7_large

I do have links to Canada via my family tree although the particular relative, Bernard, came back over here before he passed away.  For years he was a family secret, an illegitimate child shipped off to foreign shores, though it turned out to be a slightly different story to the one my gran was told.  She did meetgreat grandma Grace Ellens Half brother Bernard when he was stationed over here during WWII  so maybe if I ever got there I could take the opportunity to find out more about what his life over there might have been like.

3 thoughts on “Q is for Quebec – Places I Dream of Seeing!

  1. The old city is amazing. I was there one summer for an academic conference and I took the afternoon off to walk around. There were street artists everywhere. Carriage rides. Old cannon. Lovely. And then I had supper at a quaint wee bistro with craft beer. Nom 🙂


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