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O is for Orlando – Places I Dream of Seeing!

O I am going to keep this really short partly because as I write this I am shattered and secondly because what is there really to say.GJ6cRnibvKObFZhOaM042GPaz8j14J39rZ18b1Su

While realistically I could consider a trip to Disneyland Paris, doing the full blown Disney experience in Orlando would be a lottery win only situation. If I were going to do this trip I would want to make the most of every minute we had there and stay in the resort itself. Disneyland hotel

I was actually recently discussing the prices for this with a friend and on after a quick Google established it would cost between £4,500 and £6,000 for me and the monster the stay for 7 nights in a Disney Hotel and have access to the park.  Now while it would probably be possible to find a cheaper offer by doing some serious searching, it is worth noting that we Brits are now constrained as to when we can take our kids off in that it has to be during school holidays or we get fined.  Of course holiday companies know this so the price goes up so unless those 6 numbers come up it remains a dream.tbd_wizardingbusiness062014_13350774_8col

Obviously there are loads of rides and attractions but I decided to just pick one part that would be the biggest attraction for me.  Harry Potter! Do I need to say more? Bring on the butter beer!

3 thoughts on “O is for Orlando – Places I Dream of Seeing!

  1. I won £3.20 on the Euro. It’s a start.I’m afraid this is a holiday I don’t fancy. Too many people for me. I can understand why the monster would love this one though.Maybe the Florida warmth would be good for arthritis so that’s a good enough reason.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


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