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M is for Machu Picchu – Places I Dream of Seeing.

M  Now given my other choices I know this is pretty obvious so it will be a fairly short post.imagesm

Of course M has to be Machu Picchu in Peru.  Now obviously the main attraction here are the Llamas, only joking lol though of course they are adorable.  Once more it is the remains of an ancient civilisation, now once more before I could even begin to think of undertaking a trip like this I would have to get fit and invest in some serious hiking boots.machu-picchu-wider-view

The views are spectacular as is the history of the ruin complex.  It seems incredible that a city could be built here amongst the clouds but then again if you believe in the Gods you would want to be as close to them as possible.uccelli_machu_picchu_16

I think one of the things that I do find so fascinating is how intact the building are given the time elapsed since their construction and the fact they are so exposed to the elements.  One thing I would want to do if I was lucky enough to make this trip is to do it properly and include the Inca Trail.inca-trail-map

First thing I would need to do after getting fit enough is cure my fear of heights but then again I do fair slightly better with natural heights rather than man made ones but it would really be something to manage the full hike and see these amazing places.

7 thoughts on “M is for Machu Picchu – Places I Dream of Seeing.

  1. That’s one serious hike. I think rather than be near the gods, it was the city of the Gods and this was where the people came to worship.
    I tried to tweet but it wouldn’t let me. Says it was a DM and you don’t follow me on twitter. So weird since I’ve never had a problem before. Ewitter can be a pain.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  2. Machu Picchu is my favourite of the (fairly few) places I have been. It was breathtakingly beautiful, and the fact it is in the middle of the jungle gives you the feeling fo having found somewhere secret. I went on the four hour train from Cusco – there wasn’t time to do the Inca Trail – but that in itself was a wonderful journey along the river valley with the mountains either side.


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