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K is for Kenya – Places I Dream of Seeing!

K There are many places I want to visit but feel conflicted about because of politics and poverty, in some ways this is another but there is hope.index

Kenya suffered the same fate as many other African countries, we came we conquered, made a mess and didn’t take all our litter with us.  But of all the countries I have mentioned so far Kenya is the one I hold out most hope for if the right people get control of the country.homebannerimg2

The opportunities for this country to truly profit from tourism are enormous and their national identity seems strong enough to not be destroyed by it. The Masai Warriors may very well be the perfect people to lead this country to wipe out poverty and suffering. k

They have managed to keep their identities while embracing tourism, even playing up to it and have adapted their own lifestyles not for financial profit but to protect the wildlife, where once they would automatically kill animals that threatened their livestock and crops they have learnt to work with the conservation agencies, to appreciate the benefits of having the animals present and find other methods for deterrents.  How many endangered species around the world would be saved if we could persuade others there is more profit from people shooting with camera’s than guns.kenya8

I know I make it all sound so simplistic but take politics out of it and it is.  Like other places the poorest people need to profit from tourism in ways that do not mean they resort to crime to feed their families while the rich drive past ignoring them.  In an ideal world I would wait for the world to be an equal place before visiting these places but this one I might just make an exception to if I win the lottery.Wildebeest-Sunset4

After all how could I turn down sunsets like these.

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