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H is for Hobbiton – Places I Dream of Seeing.

H  Now before anyone starts complaining it’s not a real place I beg to differ if it has a welcome sign it has to count…

Photos Via Google Images
Photos Via Google Images

Okay so it is not somewhere you can actually stay at the minute, although I should imagine they may consider that once the film franchises have been replaced by something else in the public imagination and they need a way to get more people there but it is somewhere you can go to visit and tour round.

Photos Via Google Images
Photos Via Google Images

I am not sure how many of the actual buildings are open for entry, I know some are fitted out as they feature in the films but it is somewhere I would visit even for just the exteriors. I loved the world Tolkien created even before Peter Jackson brought it to life on screen,now I might not have agreed with all the cuts in LOTR or the additions and changes to The Hobbit but one thing I cannot fault is the visualisation of the films.

There is one part that they have recreated/refitted especially for those visiting.

Photos Via Google Images
Photos Via Google Images

The Green Dragon Inn serves food and drinks which is a huge plus although I should imagine very pricey.

My real fear is by the time I can actually ever afford to make this trip that it will no longer exist.  I know they will keep it running while ever it is financially viable but years down the line you have to wonder whether it will remain on peoples to see list unless they elaborate on it Disney style with rides and other attractions.

Photos Via Google Images
Photos Via Google Images

I hope they find a way to keep it open long term as it is without all the other stuff for at least ten to fifteen years which is probably how long it will take me to save to get there lol.

4 thoughts on “H is for Hobbiton – Places I Dream of Seeing.

  1. Surely it will have to stay as a permanent shrine for all lovers of LOTR? What a wonderful place full of joy and imagination to take the Monster to and if he hasn’t already done so, give him a boost towards reading the Hobbit and then LOTR. He can be as enthralled as we were and continue to prove that the imagination can provide so much more than computer games.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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