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G is for Great Barrier Reef – Places I Dream of Seeing

Photos via Google Images

G  As with so many of the locations I have chosen this is another which elicits mixed feeling from me.

I have longed to visit the Great Barrier Reef since I was a child and first heard of its existence.  Now of course the first drawback was mentioned when I discussed my Belize post, I need to learn to dive and lose enough weight that I don’t get mistaken for a whale when wearing a wetsuit but for the chance to dive here I would do everything in my power to make that happen and the reason? The chance to swim with and see these guys in the wild.

Photos via Google Images
Photos via Google Images

Yes I love sharks!

While a trip to Darwin would make my son happy with the Crocodiles it is these magnificent predators that have my heart.  My dream includes going down in a cage with Great Whites, even now thinking about it my heart races and I get a grin on my face.

But here is my dilemma with this dream location…

Photos via Google Images
Photos via Google Images

Tourist is slowly destroying the very environment it is visiting and given the delicate natural eco balance I would be horrified to think that in anyway I had added to my demise yet I feel my scruples are of too little consequence to matter.

There are increasing demand and plans being created for underwater hotels…

Photos via Google Images
Photos via Google Images

This on is one proposed for the Great Barrier Reef and at 4.5 billion proposed building costs I am pretty sure if they ever managed to build it you and I would not be able to afford to stay there.  Possibly if done correctly it could protect the reef from people diving but I doubt it as people would still want the experience of interacting with the sealife and the money would go into private pockets rather than into protecting the Reef.  But if I am going to be honest if I probably would not turn down the chance to sleep in a room with this view…

Photos via Google Images
Photos via Google Images

7 thoughts on “G is for Great Barrier Reef – Places I Dream of Seeing

  1. What you need is a submarine like that in ‘Voyage to the bottom of the Sea.’great big viewing windows across the front. Plus it can transport you to all; the other destinations you want to go, allowing you to see sharks wherever they are.I’m still working on that Lottery Win.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  2. In 2012 we did a road trip, most Aussies do at some stage and call it ‘the Big lap’ we did a half lap, up the idle of Australia to the top and then across to the East coast and down to home. On my blokes bucket list was for me to snorkel or dive ( I started with snorkelling) the Great Barrier Reef, we did it well in several places and even swam with a silver tipped reef shark and a huge potato cod, we saw turtles but they did did not swim with us, most amazing thing l have done so far! In Australia cage diving with the great whites ( also on my Bucket list) is done in South Australia and it’s expensive ( about $600) l need to save up a lot or win the lottery!!


      1. My daughter and l started planning the Southern States of the U.S. For 2017 my 50th birthday. But she’s moved out now so l guess our plan is not going to happen.


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