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F is for Fuji – Places I Dream of Seeing

Photos via Google images

F  Now I do know this one is probably not on many bucket lists but I have always been fascinated by volcanos so the idea of climbing one seems perfectly logical to me. Mount Fuji in Japan stands at 3,776.24 m high, so possibly a little chilly at the top, and has not erupted since December 16, 1707.  It is not however extinct and that is part of the appeal to me.  There is something I find seductive about the raw power of nature, like my fascination with the sea, it is knowing that at any time mother nature could show you just how insignificant you are.

Photos via Google images
Photos via Google images
Photos via Google images

Now there may be a few of you who will ask why I would be scared off from Egypt as I mentioned yesterday by the risk of human violence yet I am willing to take this sort of risk… well firstly lets face it the chances of me ever managing this sort of hike up a mountain are astronomical.  Even before two spinal surgeries I would have struggled now it is very much likely to remain a dream.  There are of course the same issues as so many places of the rich cities contrasting with the peasant villages but Japan does have such a rich history and beautiful temples even in areas like this.

Photos via Google images

And the bonus that most of the treks that take you up the mountain take you to the crater at the top.  Now I will confess I would prefer in some ways to visit a volcano with an open cone so you could look down and see the raw power, however that is not a particularly safe move and the kids would object unless I left them a fortune, so this is the next best thing.

Some locations are about the beach, some about the history and others about nature and for me this one also represents a challenge to myself, if I do ever get the chance to go to this location it will not only be nature that I battle but my own body to reach that summit.

7 thoughts on “F is for Fuji – Places I Dream of Seeing

  1. Maybe hot air balloon is the answer for getting up there and being able to look down. You can have a great look at he area too without any walking. Now Roll On that lottery win.
    xxx Humongous Hugs xxx


  2. I keep finding these coincidences! I read one blog about something, then shortly afterwards another pops up – I’ve just read about someone climbing Mount Fuji. I know I could not do it. Ten years ago, we climbed Kinabalu in Borneo. It was a struggle then and, with considerably more weight and less fitness now, I would not care to repeat it. The sense of achievement was great though!


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