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D is for Darwin – Places I Dream of Seeing

Photo taken from Google Images

D This is the first of a couple of visits Down Under until a couple of years ago I actually had barely even heard of Darwin but then thanks to wonderful friends around the world on Facebook I started taking more of an interest in the places that did not automatically feature on must visit lists and Darwin was one of the places added to the places I dream of seeing.



Photo taken from Google Images

While still having beaches to rival its Gold Coast counterpart, and of course the most amazing sunsets, it does have more to offer some of which I would be looking forward to and one which would definitely appeal to the monster.

The thing that would make this a dream holiday for the monster while giving me a nervous breakdown is this…

Photo taken from Google Images

The monster loves Crocodiles and alligators so the chance to get up and personal would be something he would love.  And while I might enjoy the experience if I was alone the monster in such close proximity to these prehistoric predators would do my blood pressure no good at all.  I love this idea of the sunken tube you can watch them from and would love to see this in more places where they have fascinating wildlife.

Photo taken from Google Images
Photo taken from Google Images

The other thing that appeals to me is the huge National Park situated just outside Darwin, I really love the idea of getting to fly right over the falls and exploring the terrain from the air.

You might ask why this is a place I dream of going rather than one that I could realistically go to, well the answer is that to visit Australia is a once in a lifetime trip for most of us and if I ever got the chance I would head to my other Aussie choice coming in a few letters time.  Very few of us will ever be in a position to visit ever town or city in every country we want to go to both because of finances and time constraints.

Every journey we are lucky enough to take even to locations that we do not always appreciate are adventures for others.  I posted a Vlog this week walking round a field next to my own home and by doing so shared my experiences with you, my friends around the globe.  After yesterdays blog I had a lovely visitor here who linked back to his own visit to Cambodia which I found fascinating as well as getting just a little jealous.  The thing I would ask is if you have a quiet day take a camera out with you and film your local area, share it with others and remember what is everyday for you could be someone else’s dream place to see.

8 thoughts on “D is for Darwin – Places I Dream of Seeing

  1. Another lovely choice Paula. If I had the choice I’d only visit place where I have friends from writing just so I had chance of a cuppa with them all. Yes, that includes sunny Huddersfield.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. Excellent point at the end there. When I started my travel blog it was meant to be a personal diary of travel abroad but I soon started writing about local places and found they were interesting, even exotic, to others.
    Darwin – nut been there, though we have been to Australia, as you say, not somewhere you can easily pop back to. We did visit Northern Queensland which was quite remote, but I had my leg in plaster and wasn’t able to appreciate it properly. That’s a whole other story which will be told on the blog someday!


    1. Wow that is definitely a family claim to fame worth passing on through the generations and I can say now if I ever get there that I know the founding family (okay very tenuously I know but you gotta take claims to fame where you can lol)

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  3. Paula l’ve been to Darwin twice now ld live there!! Love Darwin, please take it off your dream list and onto your must do list, if you heed the warnings the crocs will not be a problem we camped in tents inDarwin, did the jumping croc feeding tour and my then 10 yr old fed a 5 meter croc with a fishing pole, I say do NOT miss out on Darwin!!

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    1. When l get home l’ll find you some Darwin pics to share and l’ll make you a deal if you get to Australia and want to see Darwin l’ll fly u and meet you and show you around!!

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      1. Let us know when and we will come meet you, all the states of Australia offer something different but until you’ve seen a croc up close and felt the air that comes out of those jaws when they are snapped shut and the sound of it.. You won’t truly appreciate a croc then you go to the Darwin market and eat a croc burger and feel his skin, they let you hold baby crocs with the jaws taped shut awesome photo op! My husband and l did that ‘ cage of death’ for our wedding anniversary it was amazing!!


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