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Vlog Time #19 – Come for a walk with us!

Something just a little different for this week which I hope you will enjoy…

4 thoughts on “Vlog Time #19 – Come for a walk with us!

  1. Well you were quite right, it was something for me to enjoy. That was a really nice Vlog. Nice to meet Jack, the Monster who’s growl is obviously much worse than his bite.
    Thanks for such an enjoyable walk Paula,
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  2. I loved the walk…and I love that Jack warbles on the entire time. He’s absolutely adorable and obviously a happy little man. I hope that little castle is not flattened…what a tragedy that would be. Not sure how far the building is from other stadium parking, or the stadium itself, but a full time restaurant/bar with car service to the matches would be awesome.


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