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B is for Belize – Places I Dream of Seeing

B  The place I dream of today is a tourist type location but it is the type of location that for most of us requires a lottery win before we can seriously consider it.

Taken from Google Images
Taken from Google Images
Taken from Google Images

Belize is literally a tropical paradise and boasts the second largest reef on the planet.  This means obviously one needs to be able to scuba dive and to have had training to be able to dive in the open sea.  At the minute I can do neither and unless I wished to be confused for an Orca I would need to lose weight before donning a wetsuit to learn (I am not bothered by my weight in many ways given the reasons I have for having put it on but wetsuit material really does nothing for even the most athletic figure) though I have said before it really is something I would love to do.

Taken from Google Images

The idea of swimming with the sea-life they have there would be a dream in itself, the turtles and sharks (I love sharks) but that is not all this location has to offer.

There are numerous cave locations where you can float around in pools looking up at the jungle surrounding you, I mean can you imagine anything more relaxing than being in one of those tyres just floating about.

There is one other major attraction in Belize though as well which appeals to the ancient history geek in me… the Mayan ruins.

Taken from Google images
Taken from Google images

Again I would need to get fitter before this type of trip, just look at all those steps and as this would be a once in a lifetime trip you would really want to make the most of every moment and see everything.  I would want to climb up as high as it were possible to go (lets pretend my fear of heights would not enter into this equation) I would love to look out across the tree tops and imagine the people who built these magnificent structures standing there thousands of years ago after the placed the final block.

So here you have it my second dream location which at the minute finances and fitness levels would stop it ever becoming a reality.

Leave a comment below with your B dream location…

13 thoughts on “B is for Belize – Places I Dream of Seeing

  1. I thought of saying Barnsley because I’ve never been there but I don’t think I’ve been to Bristol either.I think I’ll settle on Builth Wells though as I don’t need to fly.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  2. This is a very popular place for a lot of american tourists, and the ones I know love it. Would be nice to know you could make this trip one day, you deserve it.


  3. No, not been here either! Nor to Barcelona, which I find a bit odd as most people I know have been and I’d love to see all the Gaudi architecture. Don’t know why not! But the one I’ll add to the mix is Bhutan.


    1. Here in the UK we are enjoying wet and windy weather as we head into Easter school holidays so believe me I need sunny pictures to look at while stuck at home with a six year old 😀


  4. Boracay for me. It is a famous island in my home country that I never had the change to see when I was still living there.

    I love your theme for the challenge! I am your new follower now.


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