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A is for the Amazon – Places I Dream of Seeing

Taken from Google images

A  The Amazon river passes through Colombia, Peru and Brazil on its 6,437 km journey from start to finish.  It is possible to take cruises down parts of the rives but as this A – Z is places I dream about you can imagine that my trip is not one that includes a luxury berth on a River Cruiser.  My dream is to travel the full length of the river and see and experience all it has to offer. I am not sure about trying it in a canoe but maybe a small sail boat or even a narrow-boat, in fact the narrow-boat would be perfect.

My photo taken at Aspley Marina, Huddersfield
My photo taken at Aspley Marina, Huddersfield

I could live on board fish from the roof in the hope of catching my supper I could then prepare in my own little kitchen.  I could lay on the roof and soak in the experience as the boards fly over head and listen to the numerous calls. I would need to ensure of course I had a big enough supply of batteries for my camera as I can imagine the hours of video footage and thousands of still photos I would take.

Amazon Dolphin image taken from Google Image

So as I was saying I want to travel the full length of the river and experience the wildlife including of course the famous Amazon Dolphin, which I believe is pink due to the fish it feeds on. I mean how cute is that.  I saw dolphins once previously in the wild and it was one of the most profound spiritual experiences I think I have ever had.

I know not all the wildlife will be quite so cute and the down side to such a trip would be dangerous creatures illnesses and the occasional native tribesman who may be freaked out by the sight of a narrow boat chugging along.

This is the tourist version of the trip I found which might give a taste of what I would experience in my dream…

The reality is of course this is a dream not only could I never afford to buy a narrow boat and ship it over there but I am in no shape to take on this type of trip even if money were no option. I know there are travel blogs out there who can give you far more details than my has but hopefully the locations I pick and my reasonings behind them will get you thinking about your own dream locations.

Please feel free to share your own A dream places in the comments section!

14 thoughts on “A is for the Amazon – Places I Dream of Seeing

  1. Ah what a good choice Paula. You could get me some piranhas to protect me from Big Al. You’d be able to bring back some excellent coffee from the countries you pass through and maybe some chocolate since it started there.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    1. I think to be honest the only way I could actually manage it would be the luxury way lol I hope you enjoy the other locations I have picked out as well 😀


  2. This is a fun idea, to dream of the places we’d love to see on our blogs. The Amazon is great one. I always said I’d visit Machu Picchu in Peru one day, but alas, I’ve gotten to an age where that won’t happen for me either. Not to mention my overwhelming fear of flying. So, it remains a dream. Thanks for sharing yours.


  3. 🙂 Hi Paula, Nice idea for your theme. Guess that means you will be traveling all this month even if you don’t have a chance to get out. The pink dolphin is so very cute, they are known for the healing isotonic tones. See you tomorrow. 😀


  4. 🙂 Hi Paula. What a great theme, you get to travel all month and you don’t even need to leave your house. My author had me traveling through peru last month, in my mind of course. The pink dolphin is very cute, dolphins are known for the healing isotonic tones. 😀 See you tomorrow.


  5. You are a braver lass than I. As one who hates all things that creep and crawl, fly and bite, slither and splash…I don’t believe I could enjoy it.


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