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Glossybox Review March 2015

I have not done one of these for a while and my friend Debbie has pulled me up several times on their absence so before we start on the A to Z challenge I thought I would share the contents of my latest box…


Mix of emotions on first opening this as although there are a couple of products I was really excited about my heart did sink at the sight of the Carmex product after my previous negative experience.

We shall get to that in due course though so lets begin with the first…


NOABAY – Moisturizing Peeling

The first thing I noticed about this was the lack of information on the actual product and to be fair other than to apply to a damp face in circular motions there was not much on the sheet either.  The name of this product is very misleading for anyone expecting some sort of peeling face mask, rather it is more like an ex foliating facial scrub.  I have to say though despite being badly named the product is actually really good, admittedly rinsing all the granules away takes some doing but after my skin really did feel refreshed and smooth.  I cannot say how it lasts in terms of moisturisation as I did put my own on over night but it certainly did seem to help towards waking up with lovely soft skin. I received the full size 100ml tube costing £13.71 and is made by a Spanish Eco company so not sure how easy it will be to get or shipping costs but would certainly consider buying it again.

Next up…


DOVE ADVANCED HAIR SERIES – Youthful Vitality Shampoo and Conditioner

First let me say YAY! someone has listened to me, not only have the included both shampoo and conditioner so both can be tried together but they have also included them in a size that means even those of us with long hair can try them a couple of times and make a fair judgement.  I do not think the name actually does this any favours after all who wants to admit anything about themselves is ageing even their hair but the products are actually okay.  My hair was left soft and manageable but there was no extra gloss to it.  I received two 50ml samples the actual full size 250ml tubes are £5.99 each which is pretty standard for a lot of these products, and though it was okay I was not blown away enough to change from my usual shampoo and conditioner.

Next we have….

DSC00482ncLA – Nail Lacquer

I love nail varnishes but was not thrilled by the colour of this when I first saw it, it is actually a little more green toned than shown in this picture (I would have like this colour better lol) you can see the colour better here…

DSC00495It has a finish similar to gel varnishes and went on very easily, I only kept it on for a few hours but it seemed to last well without chipping though of course that may be different if I wore it while doing housework.  The brand is not one I was aware of but is toxin free but the price tag is steep, this is the full size 15ml bottle which sells for £13 they claim it is quick drying and that running your hands under cold water will turn it from quick dry to speed dry but I have not tried that and admit to being sceptical.  I think although the colour has grown on me I need to try it out more before I can decide if I would consider buying it again.

Next up…


ESSENCE – Lash Princess Volume Mascara

The first thing that struck me about this is the packaging, I love it.  Even the back has cute detailing…


The next thing you notice when you open it is the wand, it is… well they describe it as a Cobra head wand…

DSC00487The first time I used it I found the wand awkward and the fact the mascara is a very wet formula, not something I am a huge fan of, meant I ended up with a few blobs to clean up round my eyes.  However a couple of attempts laterI had the hang of it…


The mascara is not the best I have ever used nor is it the worst but this one is certainly decent value for money, I received the full size 12ml mascara which only costs £3.30, and I would certainly consider buying this for every day use but it does seem to only be available online so shipping costs may change that.

And the final item…


CARMEX – Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm

For those who have followed my blog for a while they will remember the last Carmex product I received felt like it was burning my lips off, so I am sure you can forgive for for almost giving this away untried.  However I decided to bite the bullet and give it a go, also I was curious to see what the colour would be like…


I actually was very surprised by the vibrancy of the colour and then wanted to see what the colour pay off would be on the lips as generally lip balms do not really add much in the way of colour.  Sadly the photos I took of me wearing it did not turn out well but it certainly did give colour and made me think a little of lip stains.  The lip balm did tingle when I applied it and I though oh no here we go again but this time after a few minute wear it eased off, I can only guess they use an ingredient which does not agree with me in their products.  I received the full size 2g bullet costing £4.49 but this is the second product out of this box I do not think I would be tempted by, I have lip balms which are just as moisturising but cheaper and if I want colour I own moisturising lip glosses and lipsticks which give a better colour pay off.  Maybe if I did not already have such a full make up/beauty box I might consider it but for me it is not worth the money.


So there you go for those of you who like make up like Debbie I hope you enjoyed that side of it for the rest of you I hop you enjoyed the thought of me with a cobra head wand trying to put runny mascara on lol

One thought on “Glossybox Review March 2015

  1. While not being interested in the content of your boxes I’ve always thought how brave you are to give them all a go. You’re always enthusiastic about receiving them and give the products a fair assessment even when like today you’ve had problems with the maker in the past.
    They should be providing these for free considering the work you do in spreading the brands for them.
    xxx Massive Hugs Paula xxx


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