8. Vlog Time

Vlog Time #17 – Eclipses & Bellydancers

Sorry this is so late I wanted to do something a little different but it has meant a delay in posting until later in the day but hope you like it and the guest appearances…

5 thoughts on “Vlog Time #17 – Eclipses & Bellydancers

  1. Well done on getting some good pictures of the eclipse. Typically I was already inside in a darkened room so saw nothing at all; as I typed away.
    Congratulate your class of bellydancers for me , they did very well especially with the distractions of people squeezing past them all the time.
    Have a wonderful weekend Paula, keep that monster under control with his scary growl.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  2. You captured it well! And thanks to you, I got to see some of it as it was raining all day here. Thanks for that 🙂 The bellydancers were a real treat. That looks like a ton of fun and can’t wait to see you doing it!


  3. This vlog was great, I’ve never seen an eclipse up close before, and the belly dancing was cool to watch as well.
    Thoroughly enjoyed 🙂


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