Vlog Time 16 – Inspiring?

Hi guys here is this weeks Vlog for those of you who enjoy listening to me ramble and below are the two links as promised..



6 thoughts on “Vlog Time 16 – Inspiring?

  1. A lovely vlog as it’s always nice to see you. Especially it’s always nice to see you looking happy and positive. The award was well deserved.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. All awards are well deserved, you have an excellent blog/vlog.. ps; love candles heehee!


  3. Hey Paula. I am thrilled, I am more than thrilled, I am ecstatic for the shout out on your channel and the fact you have nominated me and my blog/vlogs for this amazing, Inspiring Blogger Award. I started my http://www.youtube.com/user/quirkybooksTV channel 10 months ago, but have only started posting more blogs in recent months, so it’s very fantastic that you find my videos inspiring, especially as we don’t always see eye to eye, Which yes, does make for some very interesting conversations. I am happy to receive this award with open arms. I don’t think I have been given this award before and I love to receive blog awards. I am behind with blog award nominations – I still have ones from last year that I have accepted, but not had chance to nominate back for. With 2 employed jobs and being self-employed I am finding it hard to keep up!

    Congratulations on receiving the award yourself. I think it’s good that you are natural in your videos and great that you do charity work.

    I sadly lost my Daisy guinea pig yesterday from a respiratory infection. It’s been a worry since she was diagnosed on Friday 13th with it. So I only just had chance to read and watch this post now. xx Hugs of thanks


    1. Awww I am so sorry to here about Daisy, small furbabies are just as much part of the family as the bigger ones and I know from my own piggies what individual characters they are and that her loss is heartbreaking for you xx

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      1. Yep. I have been in floods of tears again this morning. Thanks for your understanding. It’s really hard. I have been uploading the final video I took of her and Chestnut for a blog post that I will publish soon today. I though I would upload it and share in tribute to her. One of my friends who never normally asks about her, did the other day. When I said you never normally ask about her, he said it’s because he saw my guineapigs in my videos and felt he knows her now.


      2. Hi Paula, I have embedded your video at the end of my latest blog post.


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