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Rejected But Not Dejected

Yesterday I received an email from Mash Stories, it was their quarterly competition I entered last month, the email thanked me but said I had failed to reach their short list and encouraged me try again next time.  I will be honest I was expecting it.

Now that is not to say I think there was anything wrong with the piece I submitted but I think it was certainly wrong for this competition.  I have been listening to podcasts of the short listed entries for the last few issues and realise that the piece I wrote was too simple and not clever enough.  It could be that the three words that have to be included just did not inspire a more complex story, it maybe that my writing style is not consistent with what they are looking for, I guess we will find out more about that when they send the feedback I requested.  But I do think it is the simplicity of the story that was my downfall. many of the other stories have a more Sci-Fi/Dystopian feel, the words for this month were ankle, fashion and criminal and I did find once I had an idea in my head I could not shift it or get past it, this is of course something I can learn from and learn to find ways to get round maybe I should write the first story then once the initial idea is out of my head maybe a second story I have to think about more will be the one more suited for submission.

The fact is it would be easy to cry into my coffee but the fact I submitted in order to be rejected is a huge step forward plus the fact even before feedback I can see areas in which I can improve and have a plan to implement that are positives.  The other positive is you guys get a flash fiction to read this Sunday and you can let me know what you think of it, remember I don’t mind criticism as long as it is constructive.

4 thoughts on “Rejected But Not Dejected

  1. I’m sorry sweetie, rejection is never fun but at least you’re looking at it in the right way. Nothing wrong with your story but just no right for this particular publication. It’s good as it gives you two roads to head down, find an appropriate publication for yours or change style slightly to be accepted by this publication in future. It bears some thinking about.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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