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Tellybox Tuesday – is TiVo Effecting Viewing?


It has been a strange week between housework, writing and feeling sorry for myself because the monster shared his cold with me I have hardly watched any TV.  The thing is that I will not actually miss out on watching the shows I love thanks to TiVo recording them but is this actually always a good thing?  I remember certain shows in that past that my friends and I would never miss, Friends is actually a good example, we would frequently try to arrange to meet up at one house to watch it so the discussions could start straight away but if not there would be excuses to chat and catch up for several days after.  Today unless it is a live event then you can often find yourself starting a conversation only for another person to ask you to stop as they haven’t watched it yet. “Spoilers!” now has to be added at the start of many online conversations for certain programmes.  I do wonder whether if the invention of catch up TV and recordable cable boxes is always a good thing, on the one hand I can watch what I want when I want but on the other hand does the fact that you don’t have to rush home to get the TV on for a certain time take away part of the excitement about a show?  Anyway enough waffling from me so what have I watched this week…

Amanda Burton’s Killer Forensic’s

I have to be honest was really disappointed by this, it portrays itself as a programme focusing mainly on the forensics however I did not feel that it was any different from a hundred other crime shows, I had high hopes given the level of detail that was featured in Prime Suspect when Amanda starred in it.  As crime shows go it is okay and does feature lesser known crimes that you probably have not heard of but nothing special.


I have watched a couple of episode of this previously examining the deaths of Elvis and Michael Jackson, this week was the turn of Karen Carpenter.  I like this series because it does not just accept that is written on the death certificate but actually examines all the medical evidence plus witness evidence to the events leading up to a death and explains how the contributed.  You probably won’t find any shock revelations watching this series but you will find out things that are interesting for example a few weeks before her death Karen was admitted to hospital and force fed intravenously, her family thought she was doing okay but traces of drugs that are used to purge the body were found and something I did not realise was that despite the persistent rumours of eating disorders that laxatives were not tested for at her autopsy.

I am going to leave it there for this week as I want to go do my February round up and get a couple of other posts ready for you, the Vlog will have to wait until Friday as I kept sneezing and coughing while trying to film it, which was not good lol

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