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Motivation Meltdown


I am struggling to motivate myself, the actual act of having to rewrite stories I have written once is taking its toll.  I have nine stories that have survived the computer disaster unscathed in paper form and in some form on the computer.  Most of them just require me to go through and correct the edits and change a few points.  I have three stories that are half done, that had been finished, there were to have been 17 stories in total this leaves five unaccounted for and I am really frustrated by this because they are showing as basic outlines not the stories that should have been there.  I know the auto save had failed to work but it is still very frustrating to be redoing work you thought you were almost done with.

I have a couple of options I can finish up redoing the work on the other three stories and publish with just the twelve making it a smaller book and use the other ideas at a later date or I plan a later release date possibly the end of May rather than early April and try to get back up to at least fifteen stories.  At the minute I am torn and if the book were just about me I would take the first option but as this book represents a tribute to little Charlie I want it to be good and hopefully raise extra funds for the charity, you see my predicament.

I think I shall leave making a decision until the end of this month, as Monday is my grandma’s funeral and my emotions will be running high next week.

For tonight I am going to write another book review or two and schedule those, mainly so I can shift the pile of books sat waiting on my desk, then maybe try to get an extra post or two in the bag as a back up for busy days.  I am a huge fan of using the scheduling button both here and on FB, I find I can spend one day at the start of the month and schedule my daily music FB post and Final thought for the day posts for the whole month.  That is the one area I am getting better at actually managing my time in a way that means when I sit down to write I have more time without worrying about breaking off to post other things.

Anyway off I go to review a book about a Werewolf and one about a serial killer, I am sure you remember the post about what my bookshelves say about me lol

5 thoughts on “Motivation Meltdown

  1. Damned Mercury retrograde! I have two other friends, one whose hard drive had a critical failure and another who was hit by a Korean cryptovirus. They both have managed to salvage most of their material, but it’s devastating to have to go through that loss of creative effort.
    Break a pencil.
    For those stories that didn’t make it, I’ll bet when you recreate them, they’ll be even better than they were before.
    Silver linings girl . . . out!


  2. Dear Paula,
    On the large scale, working on your stories is harder, but much more important in moving forward than reviewing other peoples’ stories. Don’t give up! You can do it!


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