Telly Box Tuesday

Tellybox Tuesday – Abandon Camp


I haven’t watched much TV this week other than the three series I have featured the last couple of weeks so apologies for the lack of variation however I have added in a one off programme I watched this week.


People are dropping like flies, some just can’t hack it and some have been pulled out for medical reasons, the production team have to step in and feed the group after the medical team intervene and it is all going horribly wrong.  To make matters worse the group have to be pulled out of the camp when a heavy snowfall puts them in danger and being in a hotel reminds another family what they are missing and they decide to go home.  Now only seven camp members remain.

I really liked the idea of this but the more I watch it the more frustrated I get. Sure it makes great TV to have them being totally clueless but Stone Age man was not, he was taught from birth the skills needed to survive.  I think as  social experiment this would have worked so much better if they had prepared them for a month or two before hand taught them hunting and other skills that would help them survive.  Also they could have cut out caffeine and sugar from their diets and cut down the amount of food they were eating to help them adjust and not suffer from the lack of food as quickly.  Ironically while stuck at the hotel waiting for the snow to clear they do actually give them a crash course in Stone Age survival methods.  Sadly down to such a small number I feel it is too little to late for it to be a real success as a social experiment.

Wolf Hall

I am still loving this series and don’t want to say too much now as I am aware it has not shown yet in the US so I am just going to tease you with the trailer for the next episode, I don’t feel guilty showing these as they are all online,

The series really is one worth watching for anyone who loves the Tudor period or costume dramas. I also think it explains as well the difference in cultures between the UK and the US, I know there are some things that happen life where the outcry in the US seems more than here, I have friends who have commented on how laid back us Brits seem at times about things that happen in the world, and I think this is part of the reason we have a much longer history, from young ages we are taught about the terrible things that have been done in or own history, we learn about people burnt alive at the stake, people having heads chopped off, our history is full of blood and horror.  Does this mean we don’t care when some one is murdered, of course not but I do think it does not always shock us as much, as I said last week maybe the saddest thing is we never really seem to learn from that history.

The Voice

One more week of auditions to go and the teams are filling up.  I think part of the reason I love this show is because I cannot sing, and no I am not just saying that I was once singing in the bath and my mum came in and threw a jug of cold water over me because the noise was that bad.  I thought a couple of weeks ago I had seen the winner but I really liked this girl from this week, the sing offs are going to be fun…

I also really liked this one…

The final programme was a one off

Fritzl By Fred Dinenage

I remember when this crime first hit the headlines, that Josef Fritzel had held his daughter captive in the cellar for over twenty years.  My first thoughts were how could his wife and other kids have not known but as the details of the case were released and the web of deception he had created was revealed it was other questions that came into my mind and even now after watching this programme a second time I cannot help but think that authorities have questions to answer still.

I understand the lack of a real search when she first went missing due to the note she had been forced to write stating she had left to join a cult and the fact he went a hundred miles away to post it but there are other things that don’t make sense.  The first thing is the extension he built in which she was imprisoned, how was that not found or his bizarre building plan questioned, surely he had to submit building plans and you would have thought a building inspector would have had to come out and noticed that there was an area unaccounted for, I know they would not have been looking for hidden rooms but it seems strange that no questions seem to have been asked.

However the main thing that made my eyebrows fly up in astonishment was that he was allowed to adopt two of the children he gained through raping his daughter, with nothing more than a note from what appeared to be the absent mother.  Firstly the children were allegedly dropped off on the doorstep with a note saying whose child it was, it seems strange that the police did not make a bigger case at that point of finding the mother, in fact until it happened a third time no one seemed to question it, or even think to check these children were biologically related to Fritzl which if they had surely the DNA results would have raised questions and may have led to his daughters freedom far earlier.  I don’t think anyone can ever understand fully what goes on in a man’s head to make him imprison his own child then systematically rape and abuse her and one wonders if more time had passed whether he would have turned his attentions to the daughter/granddaughter she had borne him.  There is a link here to the programme, I am not sure if it will play in all countries

2 thoughts on “Tellybox Tuesday – Abandon Camp

    1. I have to be honest if I didn’t have my Tivo box set to record them I would have missed them all lol I intended watching the adaptation of JK Rowling’s Casual Vacancy on Sunday but totally forgot it was on might try to catch it on iplayer before this weeks episode.

      Huge hugs back, still catching up on a few emails but nearly at the end of the inbox now yay!!!! xxx


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