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Kicking Myself Up The Backside


This week I have made a real effort to get back into the swing of things and not allow myself to wallow in self pity, it would be easy to spend my time playing games on Facebook (okay I still do a bit of that) but instead I have worked on blog posts, scheduling Facebook posts and have even done my January Writing Resolutions Round Up which you can find by clicking here or in the tab above.

The fact of the matter is when adversity hits it becomes incredibly easy to get distracted in procrastination, when I realised my dropbox had not been auto updating as it was supposed to I could have cried, in real terms I have not actually lost a lot of work but the emotional reaction makes it feel so much worse.  To be honest in a bout of self doubt I have deleted far more work previously than I lost in this incident (yes I know you should never delete anything and just file it away for a rainy day.) It is hard to force yourself to focus and move forward when in truth you would rather curl up and not bother but Sunday reminded me of part of the reason for Voices, little Charlie and his tragic battle against Cancer.

Sunday saw the second anniversary of Charlie’s passing, a life cut tragically short in fact hardly given a chance to begin, and while I mourn the Grandma I loved so much I know she lived, loved and made the most of her time on this planet.  We do not have a choice in what life throws at us we do however have a choice how we deal with it.  We owe it as much to those who had no choice as to ourselves to make every minute of our lives count.  Of course we cannot all spend all our lives, climbing mountains, fundraising for causes or seeing the sights we long to see, sadly too much of our time is spent in doing the daily toil to pay the bills but the little free time we have is what counts.  It is about looking at the world about you, appreciating the million little miracles in every day life, as the quote says ‘stopping to smell the roses’.  It is saying thank you to someone who makes you smile, be they friend or stranger and causing a smile on the lips of another.  Paying it forward not just in theory but in practise, I regularly write random letters to friends and know from their responses how much they enjoy getting something other than a bill via snail mail, take up the challenge and do something to make others feel good. (If anyone wants to be on my random mailing list feel free to email me at paulaacton@gmail.com)

Life is not always good or easy but it is still a precious gift which has been denied to so many others, we can sit and feel sorry for ourselves or we can make our presence felt, which will you choose?

4 thoughts on “Kicking Myself Up The Backside

  1. Hmmm, difficult choices there Paula. I guess there’s no right or wrong answer. Most of us would rather try and make our presence felt but in truth many of us will sit in a corner when the world gets too much. and the pain starts to crush you. The trouble is we all cope in different ways because we feel the pressure in different ways.
    Losing your grandma is a massive hurt, and no-one can object if the corner looks more inviting that getting out there with a smile on your face. I think it’s the support of friends that decides how long we stay in the corner and justly feel sorry for ourselves because our world has just been rocked.
    I know you pay it forward having had my life brightened by you and your postcards and I too try to do similar things but I admit it’s hard sometimes. You’ve had some blows but managed to bounce back and I’m happy as I hate to think of you struggling.
    So, it’s lovely to have you back again now playing at the top of your game..
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. You.Go.Girl. – Paula, with each word you write I see you rethinking you and taking positive steps in the right direction. You’re going to be alright. In fact, I think you are alright. Just keep on keeping on. A great post. ☺xx


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