6. Saturday · Lizzie Bennett Diaries Watch-a-long

Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 93-96

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We are nearly at the end less than ten episodes remain plus a couple of specials so on we go…

Lizzie discovers that it was Darcy who stepped in and saved the day, it does raise a really interesting question regarding the purchase of websites, distribution of videos etc in this digital age where nothing is really gone once it has been posted.  Had the video gone live, as has been proved by several celebrity cases, there is not much that can be done. A few years ago the Pamela Anderson tape with her then husband Tommy Lee which was stolen from their home could not be removed once it was out and if my understanding was correct the only way to stop other profiting from the tape,was to get copyright on it.  It seems crazy that there is no way to stop these things but the reality is once out there you cannot track every download, screenshot or other method that can be used to copy. Sadly another aspect of this is the ex sites who profit from people exploiting relationships which have ended and manipulation and blackmail of young girls who are foolish enough to fall for the lies and lines delivered by a stranger from behind a keyboard miles away and perform acts they are not capable of understanding the consequences of.  This is not the post for going into this in such detail but I really do believe that we as parents have to take responsibility here, too many parents want to be their kids friends not parents, it is up to us to firstly teach our children to respect themselves and demand others treat them with the same respect but also to know what is going on in our kids lives, if your child is kicking off over you looking at their phone or on their computer then there is even more reason to look, there should be nothing you should not be able to look at, there should be no secrets they have to keep from you.  And I know people might not agree with me on this one but if they have a problem with you picking up their phone take it off them, simple, it is not a necessity it is a luxury that they too often take for granted if they want something secret then they can wait until they grow up get their own job to pay for it and live under their own roof.  Don’t get me wrong I am not saying you need to be checking on a daily basis but lets face it chances are if there is no problem with you checking you probably don’t need to actually do it!

Rant over lol

2 thoughts on “Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 93-96

  1. You raise some very valid points Paula. How far does a parent go to protect their child? As far as it goes ! When is it considered a breach of child’s privacy? It, shouldn’t be a breach of privacy if it’s done in order to protect a child. We have to make sure our children know about net predators though and if we trust our children they just need a reminder now and then that they must never meet someone from the net alone, always take a friend or a family member.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  2. Wow – You are sharing important points and elements in your powerful post!! Protect the child privacy in USA? Sad!!

    Our kids and teens are growing up in a digital world, surrounded by online and mobile technology. They create and consume enormous amounts of content, and can connect with people and information around the world.

    While the Internet presents tremendous opportunities for entertainment, innovation, and learning, this digital interaction also raises concerns about kids’ and teens’ online privacy and digital footprint.


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