Fact Vs Fiction

Skipping a Vlog

It should be Vlog day today but I am sure you can all manage an extra week without seeing my mug.  I really haven’t felt like filming all week and kept putting it off then today I am battling the same lethargy plus a headache.  I am sat at the computer working on some other blog posts and my WIP so I shall just leave you with a musical interlude that more or less sums up my feelings at the minute…


2 thoughts on “Skipping a Vlog

  1. I’m sorry you’re struggling with something Paula and hope it resolves itself soon. A shame about the vlog but not a good idea if you have a headache. We can wait until you’re back fighting fit.
    Sending Hugs Galore xxx


  2. Oh honey, please remember, you are not alone my friend. You’ve got a lot of willing ears and loving hearts at your disposal should you need them…you’ve always been there for others, do yourself that same kindness…Love you


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