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When Real Life Impacts


This is going to be a slightly different catch up regarding my WIP but hopefully you will understand why.

2015 has not started off well for me, first I started it without a functioning laptop, then once that was replaced I discovered that my Dropbox had not updated for around a month before the old machine had died, luckily I had printed off hard copies to edit of all the fully completed stories so they are easy enough to update and hope I will be able to fill in the blank spaces in other stories from memory.  The biggest challenges to my writing have come from my personal life but they will also be the motivation to push on and succeed.

Firstly on New Years Eve my relationship with the monsters father came to an end once again with no hopes of salvage this time.  I do not wish to go into specifics let us just say sometimes too much has happened and not only is there too much water under the bridge but the bridge has been well and truly washed away.

Then a few days into 2015 my grandma was taken in to hospital.


On Sunday she passed away, I am of course heart broken but know she is now free from the pain and indignities which accompanied her in her final weeks.  I am so glad I took the time to listen to her stories and take what knowledge I could from her about the family history so that I can pass it on in turn to my children.  She taught me so much over the years and her loss will leave a gap in my heart I do not think can ever be filled.  Her passing has made me more determined than ever to live life to the fullest and do every thing in my power to fulfil my dreams, and she has taught me that we get from life what we are determined to strive for the only thing that holds us back are our own barriers and fear.

RIP Grandma, until we meet again I will miss you xxx

7 thoughts on “When Real Life Impacts

  1. You poor Darling. I thought something more than an iffy laptop was in play and did wonder about the first thing. I hope your monster isn’t too heartbroken.
    I’m so sorry about your grandma though, I never guessed that was a problem. How devastating for you. Often the closeness we feel for grandparents is so strong,I remember ( yes I can remember that far back) my attachment to my grandmother was strong also.
    I’m glad you’ll always carry such wonderful memories of her and the stories she shared with you.If you need to scream with frustration and need a pair of ears look no further.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  2. It is a sad day indeed when we lose one who has such impact on our lives. There are times when our Grams are the only person who will do…it’s a very special relationship and I’m so sorry for your loss Paula. You will continue striving to be all you can be and when you see her again, you’ll have so much to tell her. Sorry too, to hear of the washed away bridge, but I think, as long as there was a question, it was important that you tried. Much love my friend…keep that beautiful chin up. Btw…love that latest Instagram shot…it’s a beauty.


  3. My deepest sympathies, Paula. Though all my grandparents are long gone, losing each of them changed my life in deep ways.
    Sorry for your technical difficulties, too. I’ve become a bit paranoid with my backups. The process would frighten you O_o
    The good news is that the year can only improve from here.


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