Telly Box Tuesday

Telly Box Tuesday, Murder & Intrigue


This is the first of a new series that I did start once before, however this time instead of focussing on one episode of a programme I want to do a more general post on what I have been watching in the last week.

So the first thing I have been watching is a backlog of programmes on murderers and their crimes that I recorded over Christmas.  One of them has been a show called Most Evil which features four or five killers in each episode and attempts to put them on a scale showing who committed the worst crimes.  I find this fascinating because how do you judge one crime against another, is it the number of victims, the way they are killed, the innocence of the victim? I do confess that personally I always think the most heinous of crimes are any which include children but this show makes you question whether a child being killed with a quick single blow is more evil than a prostitute tortured and raped for hours and enduring a slow painful death.  I do not always agree with the decisions they reach in scaling the featured killers but it is interesting to see how psychologists view things differently to members of the public.

The other thing I was really excited to watch this last week was the first part of Wolf Hall.  I have the book but have not read it yet and will now wait until after the series is finished before even thinking about it.  I have always been fascinated by the Tudors but have always been less interested in the religious and political issues.  Of course the main points are known generally but this looks indepth at the struggles and characters behind the scenes pulling the strings and some how managed to make them more human.  I always though of Cromwell as his role rather than a person but the tragedies in his personal life as portrayed in this programme had me in tears.

This is a quick clip from the first part shown last week…

And this is a trailer for tomorrow nights episode, which I am really looking forward to…

My other favourite programme on at the minute is the Voice but as I missed this weeks episode I will talk about that next week once I catch up.

9 thoughts on “Telly Box Tuesday, Murder & Intrigue

  1. Hello Paula I am totally entranced with Wolf Hall the cosumes the settings and the language.
    I have noticed that you have been visiting my blog and I have just popped by to say thank you so much!! I am truly grateful, I need to spend more time reading blogs! It is just that time is at a premium but I am really going to make an effort to get down to doing so !!


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