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Almost There

Yesterday the replacement laptop arrived, it is an older model, probably an ex showroom model, it is windows 7 and has half the memory of my previous laptop but it works and is perfectly usable until I can save up for another.  it would be easy to wallow in lost files, it seems Dropbox had not updated itself for a month or so before the computer died, but not all is lost, the majority of my files are available via memory stick or Dropbox, previous research I had done is stored in Evernote, and with the exception of Office and my video editing software I have re-installed everything I need to start being productive once more.  Thankfully my old-fashioned method of editing on hard copy has worked in my favour and over half of Voices had been printed off and edited, the rest may take a few weeks to get back into shape but it is not a disaster.  I have my Scrivener to write on for now and the basic Word starter pack until I can afford the new office set up in a week or two.

The hardest part has been accepting that some of my video clips have gone, I use a site which regularly changes its free loops and sadly some my favourites are no longer available unless I spend more money, I have to say that the site is actually worth spending the membership on if you make lots of videos or book trailers and as my output increases I will certainly be doing so but at the minute other priorities take precedence.  I hope to get a few blogs up this week but my main aim is to have the laptop in full writing mode and get back into Voices, hopefully by next week there will be a Vlog, complete with a new intro and new look, and I will be able to look at setting a new release date in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Almost There

  1. Personally I think you’ve been dodging us and extending the Christmas holiday a bit, but no matter what you say, you have to be back before November.
    I’m sorry the new laptop isn’t on a par with the old one, but maybe at some stage you can up the memory.if things get slow. You’re right to make your priority Voices as we’ll be here regardless but it’s nice to know you’re almost back.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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