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Blog Schedule, coming soon…

There are not going to be many changes really more refining the schedule I already use, although some aspects of it are obviously still on hold until I get my new laptop delivered…

MONDAY MUSINGS – this well continue in its current format of book reviews, author interviews etc.

TELLYBOX TUESDAYS – Udolpho has gone straight out of the window, try as I might I just cannot get through the book, so Iinstead I decided Tuesdays would be a great day to chat about what I am loving and hating on TV.  This does not mean reviews of in depth episodes but rather an overview of what I have been watching and the things it hss made me ponder.  For example this week I just watched a programme I had recorded on my Tivo box about Cleopatra and the romantised hollywood queen vs the ruthless power hungry monarch. Now personally nothing they said about her shocked me but I did wonder if this was a cultural thing.  The programme was made by an American channel and I wondered if it is because here in the UK we grow up being taught about the way our own monarchs frequently gained power via bloodhshed we are more accepting that murdering your siblings is a normal method of succession. This is the sort of thing I will be chatting about here.

WIP WEDNESDAYS – pretty self explanatory,  this is the day where I will discuss the weeks writing progress.

THROWBACK THURSDAYS – I have lots of old pictures to share with you and as you seem to enjoy seeing them, well why not.

VLOG TIME – this is one that will have to wait as I have no video editing software on the tablet and I really dont think it would work well but fingers crossed you will be back to watching me waffle on soon.

SO IT’S SATURDAY – the first thing I want to do is finish off the Lizzie Bennett Diaries, there are only a few more to do so I would like to get them finished.  After that I am going to change it up a little by using this post to discuss things that I have had on my mind.  This obviously means it could be a wide range of subjects that get covered but I promise it will not be just rant posts , for example I know there will be posts about motivating yourself, self image and self belief.  Hopefully there will be a little of everything for everyone during the week that just leaves….

SUNDAY STORIES – this will be where I mix it up with fiction created for you guys, now I may reworkmit at a later date for other purposes but as it is published here it will be new fiction written for sharing with you.  Some will be single stand alone stories others will be serials which may run over two or three weeks, some will be fanfiction (I know you loved my Who fanfic) others will be from the deepest reccesses of my psyche but try not to be too afraid lol.

Anyway I hope this sounds good to you guys let me know in comments what you think!

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