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Seditious – The Latest Instalment in the Light-Bearer Series

Sometimes people come into your life and you have no idea how much they will come to mean to you and the author Emily Guido creator of the fantastic Light-Bearer Series is one of those people.  Her blog was one of the first I came across here on WordPress and from our very first interaction in the comments section I knew she was a person OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthat I admired.  The road to success has not been easy, I have been privileged to be able to say I can now call Emily a friend and have seen her battle her own doubts as well as those created by unfair and scathing reviews left for no other reason than to cause distress.  Despite the self doubt these reviews inflicted upon her Emily held her head high going from strength to strength both in her writing and in her personal life, not only did she earn a Masters Degree but I am sure she won’t mind me mentioning her battle with her weight which she has chronicled on her own blog and the decision to get a gastric band the result of which has been amazing and the only risk is that Emily’s author photo will soon outshine those of her heroine on the covers of her books.  Success does not get handed to anyone on a plate, Emily has earned every ounce of hers through hard work and determination, although of course the fact she is incredibly talented does help of course.  In the world of the internet you can meet a lot of people who are not what they seem but Emily is not one of them, she is intelligent, imaginative and one of the most genuinely nice people you will ever come across and someone I am proud to call a friend.

Anyway enough of me waffling the reason we are here is her new book…


  • Seditious (The Light-Bearer Series Book 4) by Emily Guido


  • The Ebook Pre-Sale e-book will run from December 3, 2014 for $2.99
  • The Physical Book will go live in January 21st for $9.99 and ebook $4.99.



Seditious is the perfect title for the 4th book in The Light-Bearer Series. This book captures jealously, deceit, and restoration of love flawlessly.
Life at the Castle Charmeine is blissful until reality of the ruling the Elder Council of the Blood-Hunters causes dissent. An unexpected depth to both Tabbruis and Dmitri’s personalities humanizes both men.
This novel shows a side to Tabbruis and Charmeine’s relationship which will throw any reader of The Light-Bearer Series off kilter. Seditious is the continuation of their romantic and turbulent love story and mission on Earth to battle Lucifer’s minions!
Lord Cromwell is a lethal Blood-Hunter who has escaped the Elder Council Prison. He sends his beautiful agent to cause destruction to those who live at the Castle Charmeine.
Bathsheba is a deadly, sexy, and vicious siren who threatens Charmeine and Baby Hunter. Not just with her present actions, but, with the past she shares with Tabbruis and Dmitri. However, the family works together to unravel Bathsheba’s deadly secrets.
Just when you think they are in the clear, a more heinous and ominous villain waits in the wings to tear apart our ill-fated lovers, Charmeine and Tabbruis.
Seditious is a heart wrenching and exciting story of passion, betrayal, and redemption you will not want to miss!


The prizes will be

Autographed Copy of SEDITIOUS – US, UK, CAN, AUS

Autographed Copy of CHARMEINE, MACTUS and ACCENDO – US, UK, CAN, AUS

A $25 Amazon Card


Author Emily Guido Bio

Emily Guido is Paranormal Romance Author. She was inspired to start writing The Light-Bearer Series because one day she got an idea of two star-crossed lovers which needed to have their story told.
The Light-Bearer Series is Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, with Vampires, Angels, History, Action and Adventure. The novels Charmeine, Mactus, Accendo, Seditious, Ransom and Conundrum are the continuation of the wonderful adventures of the inhabitants of The Castle Charmeine!
Emily is currently works for a Fortune 500 Company and has a Master of Business Administration.

Emily’s Stalker Links

Emily Guido – Email guido.emily@gmail.com
Emily Guido – Author WEBSITE
Emily Guido – Author FACEBOOK Page
Emily Guido – Author TWITTER

Buy links – Amazon

CHARMEINE the First Novel in The Light-Bearer Series on Amazon
MACTUS the Second Novel in The Light-Bearer Series on Amazon
ACCENDO the Third Novel in The Light-Bearer Series on Amazon
SEDITIOUS the Fourth Novel in The Light-Bearer Series

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Coming Soon

RANSOM the Fifth Novel in The Light-Bearer Series
CONUNDRUM the Sixth Novel in The Light-Bearer Series


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SEDITIOUS is out for full price on December 20, 2014 


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