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Quick Catch Up

Decided on an old fashioned catch up mainly because I want to try to keep my Vlogs shorter and the extra footage I have lasts 15 minutes and is not really related to anything else.  We took the monster to a firework display last night and he thoroughly enjoyed it


As you can see my love of photography is rubbing off on him, though I will need to buy him a better camera if he really wants to get into it.  There was a small fun fair where he won a toy light saber which I then spent most of the evening grabbing as he waved it round hitting people accidentally.

The weather was not the best for fireworks as the wind picked up and seriously effected the ability to hear the music which was supposed to go along with it, maybe I should have tried to re add it but it was a selection of Bond Music starting with 007’s theme tune then Diamonds Are Forever, Goldfinger and ending with Skyfall, there might have been another song in there but the music system was behind us and the wind was blowing from in front so poor music quality and a few falling embers as can be seen in parts on the video but overall the show was amazing and I hope someone with better equipment than me has the whole thing caught with the music instead you get to hear the squeals of delight from the younger audience members.


One final thing for today I have just set up a giveaway via rafflecopter over in my FB page and will be embedding the link here on the blog page, I am giving away a copy of #AnimusLupus the Charity anthology I was part of and don’t worry I have bought it through Amazon so the charity does not lose out.   Click the link to be taken to FB http://tinyurl.com/mppxoh9

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