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Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 77-80

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So it’s time to visit Pemberley…

I confess I caught on to the identity of the tour guide straight away but only because I knew she was due to put in an appearance, I love the idea that the firm it so wonderful and takes such good care of every need the staff could have with is in complete opposition the the views we know Lizzie has on Darcy, that she had no idea it was his company when she agreed to the placement I find a little harder to believe as it is the sort of thing that you would have expected to have been mentioned previously.

I have to admit I got blind sided, I am guilty of sexism! I assumed that Doctor Gardiner was male like the uncle mentioned in the original however this episode showed her to be female and I found myself shocked by my own preconceptions.

Gigi’s matchmaking is hilarious especially when she pushes her brother into the room and the awkwardness between the two is so comical, I think episode 78 was the funniest yet.

Bing makes a reappearance and Lizzie’s efforts to protect Jane are so heart warming, although I find it funny he still has no idea about the vlogs and thinks she is still recording video letters to Charlotte. I totally relate to Lizzie in the final episode of today in that she had the chance to confront Bing and failed to take it up, I think we have all done that where brilliant comebacks spring to mind a few hours after events.

The interaction between Darcy and Lizzie was interesting, and raises some interesting questions regarding Jane and Bing and if you can get back a romance after a break if it causes one of you to change.


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