Throw Back Thursday #TBT 7

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Gotta love those big floppy bows in the pigtails xx


Quick Catch Up

Decided on an old fashioned catch up mainly because I want to try to keep my Vlogs shorter and the extra footage I have lasts 15 minutes and is not really related to anything else.  We took the monster to a firework display last night and he thoroughly enjoyed it


As you can see my love of photography is rubbing off on him, though I will need to buy him a better camera if he really wants to get into it.  There was a small fun fair where he won a toy light saber which I then spent most of the evening grabbing as he waved it round hitting people accidentally.

The weather was not the best for fireworks as the wind picked up and seriously effected the ability to hear the music which was supposed to go along with it, maybe I should have tried to re add it but it was a selection of Bond Music starting with 007’s theme tune then Diamonds Are Forever, Goldfinger and ending with Skyfall, there might have been another song in there but the music system was behind us and the wind was blowing from in front so poor music quality and a few falling embers as can be seen in parts on the video but overall the show was amazing and I hope someone with better equipment than me has the whole thing caught with the music instead you get to hear the squeals of delight from the younger audience members.


One final thing for today I have just set up a giveaway via rafflecopter over in my FB page and will be embedding the link here on the blog page, I am giving away a copy of #AnimusLupus the Charity anthology I was part of and don’t worry I have bought it through Amazon so the charity does not lose out.   Click the link to be taken to FB

Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 85-88

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Okay Lizzie rushes home as the sex tape is about to be leaked, we know Darcy will intervene, I would even go as far as to say we all know how he will but lets see if we are right…

It is really uncomfortable watching Lydia’s discovery of her betrayal, I think because most of us have either been betrayed in one way or another or had to support a friend and witness their pain.  So many young girls are so vulnerable because they trust and do not think through the consequences of their actions, what seems like a harmless interaction within a loving relationship can be made tacky and tawdry by placing it in another context.  The vlogs parallel the original text in that it is the woman in the situation who acts outside social expectations who is vilified rather than her male counterpart.

There is a lot of mention of the other videos and I debated including them but instead I think once this series is finished I might look at the other videos separately, I think trying to fit them all in would get too complicated.

These episodes are quite dark and hard to watch and I confess I few times I felt myself tearing up, a compliment both the the writing and the acting but I think also because in real life we know of the youngsters who have taken their own lives after far more innocent interactions have led to their exploitation by older people.  I actually think this would be a great series to show to those just starting high school who have their whole lives ahead of them and are naive and trusting of people and technology yet believe they are worldly wise.

At the end the website disappears and we are left wondering who even though we know who it is really, and Kitty gets a mention even if it is only as a cat.

Vlog Time 7

I decided to make the Vlogs weekly rather than fortnightly in an attempt to keep the time down so I decided to give you one today but normal scheduling will be for a Friday from now on and that means you get a #TBT photo ever week of me as well which I hope you enjoy, I would love to see some #TBT photos of you guys so if you are up for the challenge post one this Thursday for me to come and smile at xxxx

Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 81-84

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Will Lizzie ask Bing if he still loves Jane? Will she stick to her resolution not to interfere?  Let’s see…

These episodes are the most heartfelt in some-ways, they are about truths and lies and how even the best intentioned lies are misplaced and do more damage.  The interactions between the three characters in the first are awkward and full of tension but lead into really in depth conversations which bring aspects of several characters true persona’s into better light.

The acting is brilliant as always but I was really impressed with the actress playing Gigi when she reveals the plot between herself and Wickham and her betrayal at discovering her brother was right about Wickham’s intentions.

We get to see Darcy lighten up a little which is great but then as we knew would happen Lydia ends up in trouble with the release by Wickham of a sex tape, I confess it never fails to surprise me the number of celebs who film these things then act shocked when they are released by an ex, maybe if both partners are celebs where it could hurt their careers it might not be so dangerous but for most it always seems to be when the woman is more successful than the male he releases it.  Pre-fame sex tapes are one thing, maybe even those where the partners were married and the tapes were genuinely stolen are different, but if you are a celeb who makes a sex tape after you have become famous and it gets released then you should have learnt from all those who went before you and not been so stupid.

Glossybox Monthly Review – September 2014


This months was a special edition box to celebrate three years of Glossybox, the fab box itself was designed by Karen Millen and this is the only way I can look at it…


as shortly after it’s arrival it left the building in the company of my daughter and one of the products from inside it!

So apart from loving the gorgeous packaging I no longer own what did I think to the products this month…


Mixed feelings on opening it possibly because they sent me some free chocolate as a thank you for having subscribed for twelve months, normally chocolate puts a smile on my face but they sent dark chocolate with ginger in it, though the daughter was very happy to relieve me of it as I neither eat dark chocolate or ginger. First glance at the other products I was not blown away either and was set for disappointment but it was not all bad.


Nails Inc Westminster Bridge Matte Top Coat

I decided to start with the product I did not get to test, my daughter literally came up within hours of the box arriving so I had not had chance to try them out. Now to be fair I prefer my nail varnishes to be sparkly or metallic so I probably would not get much use from a top coat which makes things dull and matt but my daughter assures me she loves it, it also doubles the number of colours she has because it gives each nail varnish a double life. I received full size version which costs £12 and though I would not buy it again it would definitely be something I would recommend for friends who like matt finishes to nails and want extra shade choices from their existing polishes.

Next up another untried product…


Ultrasun UK Family SPF 30

I received a 15ml trial size product which in May, June, July or August would have been really handy to pop in my handbag and carry around with me but in September it is really not much use.  The late Indian summer we were supposed to get never really materialised, it has remained mild but not sunny.  At 30SPF it is not actually as strong as the normal sunscreen I use on the monster which is 50SPF and at £19 it is quite pricey however the fact this is a special formula you are supposed to be able to apply just once a day could make it a good product.  I guess I will put this somewhere safe till next summer then trial it properly.

Next up…


ModelCo MORE BROWS Fibre Gel

I was initially disappointed when I saw this, I was not keen on the colour as it looked slightly paler than my natural brows and as I love the brow products I had received previously I was not convinced this would challenge them.  However I have to say for normal every day wear I actually really like it.  It does give definition to the brows and shapes them but is not as stiff and dramatic as the other brow mascara, the colour blends better on the brow than it looks in the bottle. I have so say that I have used this more than my other since I got it however the £14.95 for the 3.5ml price tag does concern me, luckily as it was a full size product I received I can get a better idea of how long it will last before I make the call on value for money.

Next up…


SkinPep Enzyme and Acid Peel and Peeling Gel

Okay so this was actually sachets of two different products so I am going to deal with them one at a time.

First was the Acid Skin Peel, it seems to be made from natural products and the acids are fruit acids, I put it on and as my face was quite dry at the time went for the longer time suggested however I washed it off before the end as the ‘tingling’ had become uncomfortable but not painful. My skin did feel really nice afterwards but and this is a huge but, at £3.05 for the 3.5ml sachet or £89.99 for the 180ml full size product no way can I justify the expense, it is perfectly possible to buy cheaper masks/scrubs that will give as good a result.

The second part is the eye cream and again the results were really good but the price puts it firmly out of my range at £44.99 for 15ml or £6.49 for the 2ml sachet again there are plenty of products out there that will do the same for less.

Final product this month…


L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil

At first I was not impressed by this, then I read the instruction properly and realised I did it wrong lol, I thought it was just something to stick in dam hair and leave and was disappointed how limp my hair seemed after using it but it is actually to use before blow drying and specifically states not to apply to the roots, after doing it properly I loved it. It does cost £15.95 for 125ml but judging how little is gone out of the 45ml bottle received using it twice a week it will last for ages.

So a very strange box this month overall with a few disappointments but never mind it is nearly time for this months box to arrive 😀