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Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 73-76

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We pick up with the morning after the night before or should that be the morning after the week before?

I found the first of today’s instalment quite moving in the interaction between Lizzie and Lydia, I totally get where both characters are coming from it is hard to hear that something about the way you are puts people off but also some types of behaviour are not only embarassing but can also be dangerous.  The comments about putting things on the internet is also a hot topic given the recent spate of hackings that have seen private celeb pics put out their for everyone to see.

As the oldest of 5 siblings I completely get the angst that comes with family feuds and to way no one can hurt you like family, they always know exactly where to push in the dagger and how to twist it to inflict maximum pain. These episodes fly through Christmas and New Year, Jane puts in a quick reappearance as does Charlotte before Lydia heads off to Vegas where we can assume she will get into some sort of trouble.  it is the final few words of the final instalment for this week that have to real impact for the story when Lizzie announces she is going off to shadow and get work experience at Pemberley Digital, again this was another thing I was not sure how they would manage, while I know the US has many historic buildings and places, I think the stately home and the opening of the homes to the public for viewing is more of an English thing and in modern times many of the homes which are open are no longer privately owned, although a few such as Chatworth still are, so making it a business makes perfect sense in terms of the updated story line though I reserve judgement until next week on whether or not I think it works.

Let me know your thoughts.......

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