8. Vlog Time

Vlog Time #4

The second of the three vlogs from Scarborough this one features me vlogging from a castle, seagulls, water, squirrels and trams plus a few other bonus bits, if I had been better organised I would have done daily Vlogs and then shared a little every day but I didn’t think about that until I got home, right better go get these postcards written…

4 thoughts on “Vlog Time #4

  1. The only problem was hiking up that hill to get to the castle made me realise just how unfit I am these days once upon a time I could have bounded up there like a Gazelle, now I have to sit and rest a couple of times lol the other bonus was though and I had totally forgotten about it until I got up there and saw the signpost is that Ann Bronte is buried in the church just down from the Castle so I got to visit her grave as well.

    Looking forward to catching up on my email reading and seeing what you and the little man have been up to..

    loads of hugs xxxxx

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  2. WOW PAULA!!! That was an awesome. You know how much I love the Ocean. I can just imagine Charmeine and Tabbruis living there with all the family! I am so enraptured by England, I wish I could come and we could have tea! I am going to do the ICE bucket challenge, I just have to find a third person to do it. A lot of my friends are having money issues, so I wanted to ask before I do it to them. But it’s coming and so is my check to ALS! Lots of hugs and love, Emily

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