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Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 61-64

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I am so excited to continue the series and see how they handle the letter, I hope they don’t change it to an email that would be wrong somehow despite modernising the story.

Okay there are going to be a few of you our there now chuckling over her reaction to the letter, anyone who has received one from me knows that I do still hand write letters, though I am not sure my illegible scrawl counts as cursive but I do also own and use a wax seal it is actually a brilliant way to be sure no one has been in your letter!  I love the way habit of switching the video off when she is in doubt reflects the struggle between what we believe and our feelings when we discover we are wrong.  I had actually not thought of how they would deal with the need to keep things secret within the letter, we are so used the the written versions where we are privy to the secret while other characters are excluded so it feels strange but with this format I cannot actually see any other way they could have dealt with it.

I was surprised at the re-emergence of Caroline and find myself feeling like I should go check it out in the book, the next meeting between them should occur at Pemberley but am guessing it was the proposal vlog that drew Caroline back. It is totally in character that she would however hate to have a secret kept from her especially Darcy’s. Caroline shows her true colours as the total bitch she is.

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