Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 73-76

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We pick up with the morning after the night before or should that be the morning after the week before?

I found the first of today’s instalment quite moving in the interaction between Lizzie and Lydia, I totally get where both characters are coming from it is hard to hear that something about the way you are puts people off but also some types of behaviour are not only embarassing but can also be dangerous.  The comments about putting things on the internet is also a hot topic given the recent spate of hackings that have seen private celeb pics put out their for everyone to see.

As the oldest of 5 siblings I completely get the angst that comes with family feuds and to way no one can hurt you like family, they always know exactly where to push in the dagger and how to twist it to inflict maximum pain. These episodes fly through Christmas and New Year, Jane puts in a quick reappearance as does Charlotte before Lydia heads off to Vegas where we can assume she will get into some sort of trouble.  it is the final few words of the final instalment for this week that have to real impact for the story when Lizzie announces she is going off to shadow and get work experience at Pemberley Digital, again this was another thing I was not sure how they would manage, while I know the US has many historic buildings and places, I think the stately home and the opening of the homes to the public for viewing is more of an English thing and in modern times many of the homes which are open are no longer privately owned, although a few such as Chatworth still are, so making it a business makes perfect sense in terms of the updated story line though I reserve judgement until next week on whether or not I think it works.


Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 69-72

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Heading towards the final third now and things have certainly got interesting, I have loved seeing how they actually update the story to take modern sensibilities and technology into account.

It was fun watching Jane loosen up and pretend to be her younger sister but I love the fact in episode 70 we see a new stronger more independent Jane which is a lot more fitting for the modern age than the traditional moping character I do believe that is very much part of the changes modernity places upon the story.  In Austen’s day her Jane would have had far more restricted options to help mend her broken heart and fewer chances to occupy herself to put the pain from her mind.

I loved the list of guests Lydia invited for the party, this is of course the parallel to Lydia going away to Brighton, but I am wondering how they will deal with the elopement thing as to be honest running off with a guy is not going to be as shocking as it was back then. I really enjoyed that we got to meet cousin Mary, and I have to say the ‘goth/emo’ persona actually works really well as a updated version of the serious and sensible sister, I can imagine a modern day Mary being very introspective and moving away from purely religious study to a wider study of the human psyche, she is actually the one character who I believe would be very different in a modern society, the ability to occupy her mind and study more freely would allow her to take up a career I could imagine her as a psychiatrist, and she would feel the need to try to please people and fit in less in ways which do not flatter her.

It really is interesting to consider how classic characters would fair in the modern world, which would flourish and which are really stuck in their own era.

Vlog Time #5

Here it is the final instalment of my holiday footage, I am pretty sure you are all fed up with hearing about it now so I promise I will be quiet other than to remind you if you wish to see the photos check out my FB page or the long video on my You Tube channel, I am trying to cut back on posting photos on here as my space is running out and I can’t afford to buy more at the minute and I am resisting the urge to start going back and deleting posts.

Vlog Time #4

The second of the three vlogs from Scarborough this one features me vlogging from a castle, seagulls, water, squirrels and trams plus a few other bonus bits, if I had been better organised I would have done daily Vlogs and then shared a little every day but I didn’t think about that until I got home, right better go get these postcards written…

Vlog Time #3

I am back from my holiday and have an abundance of video footage to share, most of it does not actually feature me rather it is shot by me.  Over the course of this week I will post three vlogs sharing the footage and if you are on my FB page you can find the stills over there, however I intend to make a complete holiday video and post it on my You Tube channel, I also intend eventually to do the same and create slideshows of some of my previous exploits so if you want to be sure to see them all hit the subscribe button and get updates of all the videos I post.

Today bus rides and wave frenzy including wet feet…

Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 65-68

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It is all getting exciting now, I find myself trying to guess how they will deal with each original plot point as they approach and find myself constantly surprised…

The more I watch the more I like the way they have interpreted the relationship between Charlotte and Mr Collins, it is certainly hard to see how they could have had an intelligent woman settle for a marriage to someone who was her mental inferior just for security, and although it must still irk bright people to have to work for idiots that is far more realistic in today’s society.  I cannot help think though the constant references Lizzie makes to her mothers ignorance of the Vlogs may prove to be a red herring and we may discover mother knows all.

It was fun to see the way she dealt with Mr Collins and his work place over burdening of Charlotte’s work load while he enjoys extended breaks.  I guess this is something that we will see more and more in the future, that past indiscretions, embarrassing pictures and foot placed in mouth situations will affect people’s potential careers.  While most of it should be laughed of as harmless fun, after all who hasn’t made a fool of themselves at some point on a night out, their opinions on things could prove to be a lot more costly, we have already seen in the media to results of ill thought out tweets from people who thought they were being funny which have cost them their livelihoods.

It was great to see the cast expanded once more be the return of Lydia and Jane, Lizzie reveals a ‘hypothetical’ explanation for Darcy’s letter, we suspect there was more but that it only based on our prior knowledge of the original book, we shall have to wait to see…


Brideshead Revisited DVD Review



I am away on holiday this week so I decided to do something a little different for a few of the days.  Last year I visited Castle Howard the fantastic location for most of the series and in my head forever Brideshead, you can find the photos I took during my visit and a impression of my day from my note book here. You can also see the full album of photos I took on my Pinterest where I have recently created a board for them and am working on uploading lots of photos from previous trips, I will also at some point look at making them into a slide show on Youtube when I get chance.

So what I am going to do is do a basic overview of the series and then in other posts look more deeply into some of the issues raised in the series and discuss their relativity today 30 years after the series was aired and almost 70 years after Evelyn Waugh’s novel was first published.

The novel was based on Waugh’s own personal life and his connection with the Lygon family, and I think this is evident in the depths of complexities he uses to create the characters within the novel and that shows through the adaptation. The film like the book is about relationships, and where the bounds of friendship transgress into something more.  It is about families and how rather than giving love and support they can be destructive even if that is not the intention, and how expectations and loyalties clash against personal desires and ambitions.

Although created by ITV rather than the BBC it is nevertheless an brilliantly crafted and authentic period drama.  Though some padding has been done to turn the book into a serial it is very much true to the book and extra scenes in slip unnoticed with no jarring against the orginal material.

In some respects this production has aged, but by that I do not mean in terms of the actual story/adaptation but rather the production and filming does not really stand up in some ways to modern standards, and while it works well for the themes I can imagine new viewers to the series finding it a little off putting.  This is one issue I find frequently with younger generations, that the quality of visuals can put them off watching things they would otherwise enjoy, and may explain why Film and TV moguls feel the need to remake things that do not need remaking, I believe Bridesheads received this treatment in 2008, I put in the trailer for it here so you can compare it with the previous one.

Despite the same locations, the same story, the attempt to make it attractive to new audiences with this type of trailer really does not appeal to me and judging from the fact I did not know it existed until I went looking for the original trailer suggests it did not appeal to many others either.  I would hate to see this remade but possibly at some point in the future and digitally enhanced, spruced up quality of the original would be nice maybe for the 40th anniversary.

It is a long watch, and can be rather slow paced in places compared with modern serials, but I really enjoyed watching this, I was too young to really watch it when it was first on although I know I had watched bits of it subsequently and read the book, I give it a wholehearted 5 out of 5 and recommend it as one to watch over a long deary winter weekend curled up under a quilt, chocolates at hand.

Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episodes 61-64

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I am so excited to continue the series and see how they handle the letter, I hope they don’t change it to an email that would be wrong somehow despite modernising the story.

Okay there are going to be a few of you our there now chuckling over her reaction to the letter, anyone who has received one from me knows that I do still hand write letters, though I am not sure my illegible scrawl counts as cursive but I do also own and use a wax seal it is actually a brilliant way to be sure no one has been in your letter!  I love the way habit of switching the video off when she is in doubt reflects the struggle between what we believe and our feelings when we discover we are wrong.  I had actually not thought of how they would deal with the need to keep things secret within the letter, we are so used the the written versions where we are privy to the secret while other characters are excluded so it feels strange but with this format I cannot actually see any other way they could have dealt with it.

I was surprised at the re-emergence of Caroline and find myself feeling like I should go check it out in the book, the next meeting between them should occur at Pemberley but am guessing it was the proposal vlog that drew Caroline back. It is totally in character that she would however hate to have a secret kept from her especially Darcy’s. Caroline shows her true colours as the total bitch she is.

Glossybox Monthly Review – August 2014


This Glossy box marks the third anniversary of them starting their service so as you can imagine I was rather excited to see what would be in it, the box was the trademark pale pink but new texturing makes it look a little sharper.


They have also given the info card a make over and I have to say I like this as it feels like it gives you more information for each product.


I was disappointed to see a hand cream only because I seem to have received a few different ones since I started and have even given some away to my daughter as there is only so much you can use lol but I was intrigued by some of the other products.


Figs & Rouge Mini Hand Cream

I received the Rose Berry scent, I am not sure what other ones are available but I was rather taken with this one. as it contains Shea butter it is very moisturising and rubs in well, a little going a long way. the sample I got was 20ml and the full size costs £6.95 for 80ml, I have to be honest if I could buy this in a store I would probably buy it but it is only available online as far as I can see which means paying extra for postage and unless I wanted to stock up or buy other products to make it worth while it does put me off which is a shame.

Next up…


Kryolan for Glossybox Highlighter Cashmere

I have never really bothered with highlighters but recently after seeing lots of Make up vlogs using them I had been thinking about trying on. Previously I had received a liquid one I passed on to my daughter so I was glad to see this was a cream.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI did try to take a picture of it on my cheeks but that was quite hard given I only added a little so instead I put some n my finger to try to give you an idea of the sheen of it…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAit does have a little sparkle but blends in really well so you are not left with a streak across your cheek bone or brow bone.  I actually really like this but again it is only available on line but luckily this full size 4.5g version worth £12..95 will last for a very long time so it might be worth buying again if I fail to find a shop buying alternative I like as much.

And on to the next item…


Lalique L’Amour

I have to admit I love these perfume samples and this was no exception, the one slight difference this month was this one was not the usual mini spray sample instead it has what reminds me of a pepper pot opening with three tiny holes and drops out…


I have to be completely honest I love this so much that despite the price tag, £67 for 50ml I really want it, I am hoping if I drop hints Santa might bring me some and failing that I shall be checking out discount perfume shops looking for it in the hope of getting it on offer.

Next up…


Yves Rocher Pink Nail Polish

My first thought was this was a mini sample size but it is actually the full size version of just 3ml.  Because of the small size I only tried it on one finger…


this was the best I could show the colour which is a lovely dusky pink, the polish has a gel type finish and did seem to last quite well and did not chip easily.  At £3.60 for the mini bottle the price seems expensive though of course cheaper than going for your nails doing and I would take a guess it would do your nails a couple of times.  This size would be handy to take on holiday with you but it seems it has to be ordered on line so again you would have to order a couple to make it worth the postage.  I might re-buy this not sure though even though I do really like like.

The next item is….


 Skin Pep Super C15 Serum

Generally I am not a big fan of oils on my face simply because I have combination skin so while it works great on some parts it tends to make other areas oily and spotty and this was no exception.  it is not as bad as some others I have tried and for the drier areas it soaked in nicely.


I received the full size version of 7ml worth £13.99 and as I cannot use it all over it will last longer, I am actually using it on my neck rather than my face now and am quite happy with the results I am getting doing that alongside my normal moisturiser.  The best bit about it is the dropper…


This makes it really easy to get just a couple of drops without it going everywhere, while I am not using it quite as it was ntended to be used I would actually consider buying it again if the results carry on as they are doing so far.



Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

I am seriously conflicted on this one.  It was originally designed for Audrey Hepburn one of my idols, so that of course adds an extra dimension to wanting it, based on this 40ml tube we received that will do my hair maybe four or five times if I go easy with it (remember I have long hair at the minute) the full size tube is £38 for 250ml and while it may only work out at a couple of pounds per use it is a lot of money to shell out on one hair product when there are so many others on the market.  My hair was certainly easier to brush through after washing when I had use this but by the next wash it made very little difference, possibly it needs to be done a couple of times a week to build it up but twenty minutes wearing a towel or shower cap prior to washing the hair is not always something that can be easily fit in.  I would certainly buy it again if I could find it cheaper somewhere so it may be on the list of things to watch out for and stock up on at bargain prices.

So this month 3 products out of 6 I loved, 1 I like but am not sure I can justify the price on and 2 that underwhelmed me, overall the positives far out weigh the negatives, now to leave that card for the perfume pinned up where the other half cannot fail to notice it 😀