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Vlog apologies

There should have been a vlog here.  It is made, it is sat on my computer, unfortunately due to a bad internet connection I cannot get it to upload.  It has been raining and every time it rains my internet connection seems to play up, not with normal rain but when it comes down hard. because of work and other stuff it will be a while before I can get someone out to check it over, by that time it will be working fine and they will tell me there is no problem, like they did last time, the time before the guy did actually fix it. So until it is fixed I shall make more vlogs and post normally until I can persuade it to work long enough to upload or until I get frustrated and go spend an afternoon sat in a cafe lol

One thought on “Vlog apologies

  1. Hmm.. I have trouble with cloudy weather in Holland as well when it comes to internet. But that’s only when using wireless. You’re so persistent Paula, you’d actually go to a café to upload your vlog? 😛 Can I get some of that motivation? Does it come in a bottle and do they ship internationally?


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