New Format Vlog #1

Fingers crossed this works as it seems the gremlins have been in the works again, slightly later in the day than expected the first of the new fortnightly vlogs, decided to start numbering them to make life easier for myself, hope the watermark does not show too much…

3 thoughts on “New Format Vlog #1

  1. Great fun watching the carnival Paula but I must have somehow missed the links at the end. Nothing I clicked on took me anywhere except to the Houghton Weavers
    ( which isn’t all bad).Don’t forget if you’re coming to Wales for the holiday I shall expect you to drop in for a cuppa.
    xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

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      1. Hi Sweetie, I’d say the tote bag or perhaps the pill box which are always useful. Very difficult to tell on that site, especially in dollars but I like the mugs, and shopping bags on Vista better, maybe even the tee shirts.
        Ah well, Lucky Scarborough. xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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