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Chasing my tail

Hi guys, I am still here erratically running in screaming hello before tearing off hell for leather once more.  Summer holidays have started which I don’t need to tell the parents are stressful enough, but there are also loads of events both charity and personal coming up which I am hoping to attend which mean time away from the computer and you guys.  The plus to that is that I have lots of exciting things to share when I get back and I shall have lots of photos and videos.

The other thing occupying my time and my mind is that my dad has been back in hospital for the last few weeks having another back op, I am sure you all recall it did not go well last time but this time has been a little better but there have been some complications which are cause for concern, but hopefully he will be okay in the long run,

Any way to keep you amused until I post again properly…






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