Glossybox Monthly Review

Glossybox Monthly Review – June 2014

It is that time of the month again where I delve in a box rummage round and then either jump of joy or sulk so lets see what this month brought…


I will be totally honest as soon as I saw one of these products my heart sank so we may as well get that one over with first…


PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo

£2.79 for 150ml

While I had not used the Shampoo before I had tried the conditioner and just like the conditioner this was really a non event.  Okay it washed my hair but did nothing to brighten my blonde, maybe you need to use them both together but to be honest I did not find the conditioner very moisturising when I used it and my hair needs that.

Not something I would ever buy but it is only one product so on to the next..


TEEEZ Flat Eye Shadow Brush

Full Size RRP 19 £15.21

The first thing you notice is the pretty packaging and when you open it up…


It is a pretty brush!  I know that the fact this is made with Goat hair might put some people off but it doesn’t bother me so I happily gave it a go.  The brush is quite stiff and loads up really well so it is perfect for applying general colour, it is too big for applying contour or crease colour but it does what it needs to do.  I do think the price is a little high but it is the sort of brush that if cared for properly will last a lifetime.

Next up…



Nail Girls 3 in 1 Base/Top Coat and Strengthener

– Full Size RRP £13.50

This product has good and bad points, the negative is when I applied a coat on its own as a strengthener it flaked and chipped off really easily, but the plus side was used as a base coat it stopped one of my favourite colours staining my nails (love red but it can be a nightmare when removed).  There is also an extra consideration,  the nail polish is chemical-free, which is great for mothers who are breastfeeding and women who are pregnant. I don’t usually wear a base coat or top coat simply as I do not wear polish for more than a day or two at a time so this will last a while, I am not sure if I would buy it again but I would consider trying different products from the range, it would be interesting to test their actually coloured varnishes to see if they chemical free tag goes along side colour quality.

Next up…


RITUALS Gi Gong Spray

£3.50 for the 50ml size received £8.00 for 150ml size.

I wish I had never tried this!  I absolutely love it but no way can I justify spending £8 on one can of deodorant.  It does not keep you one hundred percent dry on really hot days but then nothing really does but it does make you feel fresh when you apply it, smells gorgeous and makes your skin feel silky smooth.  I really need to find either somewhere that sells it cheap or find a cheaper version, if you have any ideas tell me in comments please!

And finally


SO SUSAN Universal Blush

Okay so I looked at this and read what it said about it, which was this…

A micronized, jet-milled blush that works with your skin’s natural chemistry to create a universal healthy flush that is flattering on all skintones. Made with Buriti Fruit Oil to repair the epidermis and improve skin elasticity.

I scratched my head, and opened the box..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmy initial thought was that it was almost the same shade of pink that the blush I usually use was, so that would be fine but I was curious about the claims that it was universal and altered according to different skins, a test was needed…

I was having my eyebrows sugared so I took it with me to my hairdresser/beautician’s house, she has a different skin tone to me, where I am fair she tends towards an olive skin so I really did not expect this product to live up to its claims but it did.  One me it had a pink sheen on her a more bronze tone. I have no idea how the science works but it does, at £17.95 it is expensive but one would last years, will I buy it again probably but it won’t be need for a while.

The next box will be here soon and has a USA theme, can’t wait!

Let me know your thoughts.......

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