Tasty Tuesday

Criterium 2014

As many of you will be aware the Tour De France passed through my home town on Sunday, sadly due to a small monster taking possession of my bed by kicking me in the back I was in no fit state for standing around for hours and had to be content watching on the TV.  However I did get to enjoy some cycling earlier in the weekend at the Huddersfield Criterium. Basically it is a series of races where they ride on a circuit for a set length of time, in this case two adult races lasting 45 minutes and one hour plus in between them a junior race which lasted 30 minutes .

I had just finished work and it was raining so I did not stay to watch the full event but I sincerely hope they make it an annual event.

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3 thoughts on “Criterium 2014

  1. Hardy beggars aren’t they. Out in all weathers as they are. It takes some stamina to do these circuits. If they know how much people enjoyed it maybe it will become a regualar thing and you can catch it.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx


    1. I must confess that what impressed me most about the junior race was they were all boys with the exception of a single lone girl, she was in the middle of the field but there was no way she was giving up.


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