Glossybox Monthly Review

Glossybox Monthly Review – May 2014


So last month was a really mixed box which saw me not liking more than I was excited by so my initial reaction to this box was more positive at first glance I liked the look of everything but did it last? As you may have noticed this month was a Superdrug special so all products are available there.

First up…


Complete Long-Lasting Nail polish in Quartz by B.

At first glance I thought this was black but it is actually a really dark Charcoal colour.  I am going to be really brief because I loved it! I can only tell you that since I got this I have worn it constantly on my toes…

Ignore the dodgy application round the edges I was excited
Ignore the dodgy application round the edges I was excited

It goes on really nicely, lasts well and at £4.99 for the full 8ml size I received I will definitely be looking to see which other colours are in the range.

Next up…


Maybelline New York Great Lash Mascara in Very Black

Normally I love Maybelline but I did find this mascara very runny, it states you should do your second coat to build up your lashes before the first dries but I found it smudged quite easily.  However I actually gave it to my daughter who I knew actually used this mascara previously and she said it did seem runnier than it normally was, so it is possibly I just got a dodgy one. At £4.99 for the full size version which I received it is cheap and makes your lashes black…

One eye done so you can see difference

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is not great doesn’t really lengthen or plump your lashes but for an every day mascara it does the job.

Next up…



GHOST Fragrances Eclipse

A bonus trial sample and I loved it, in fact I am sad to say I already used it all. I like the original and I love this just as much full size of 50ml is £33 so not ridiculously expensive and one I shall definitely by buying.

On to…


Blowpro After blow strong hold finishing Spray

This was the one product that really disappointed this month, first I know all hairsprays smell but this seems to have a very strong chemical scent which after the first spray put me off using it.  It was very sticky and although it did the job and held my hair I couldn’t see anything about it to justify the price tag. At £11.99 for the full size of 283ml I can honestly say this is not something I will buy again.

Next up another bonus product…


Garnier Oil Beauty Lotion

I really cannot comment on this properly as lets face it lotions really need a few applications to know if they really deliver.  I can say it went on nicely and that my skin did feel lovely and smooth after but whether long term it replenishes the moisture as it claims there was just not enough to test.  However at £4.99 for the full size 250ml it is cheap enough that I may be tempted to pick some up and give it a try.

Next up…


I Love Cosmetics Strawberries & Milkshake Shimmer & Shine

I loved the smell of this and could happily have sat smelling it for hours but that is not what it was intended for…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA As you can see it is actually quite thick and gloopy, and I did find it better to apply it with a lip brush, I am not a fan of gloopiness in my lip gloss but this did not feel too bad when it was on.  Sadly the colour was not a good one for me…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAif I was younger or had darker hair and complexion it might have been better but as you can see it just does not suit me, of course my daughter was only too happy to relieve me of it and she loves it.  I got the full size of 15ml and they are really cheap at only £1.29 so it may be worth checking out the other colours/shades/flavours or however you describe it lol.

Finally we have…


Scholl Velvet Smooth Overnight Mask

First relax, there will be no pictures of my feet (other than the toe picture you already had inflicted upon you). I tend to alternate between being barefoot round the house or wearing walking boots, there are two reasons for this I love being barefoot but hate feet and also I have freaky feet! The skin on the top of my feet is ridiculously thin and it seems 99% of shoes rub layers off, the skin on my soles is like old leather and can withstand walking on almost anything.  So you can imagine my face reading this when it claimed that over night it could soften the skin on my heels, then you can also imagine the complete shock and amazement on my face the next morning when it had worked.  Okay my feet were not suddenly as soft as a babies bottom, but they were noticeable softer and If I were better organised and used it the once or twice a week as recommended rather than when I remember I can believe I could have lovely soft feet again in weeks. At £7.99 for the 60ml tube it is well worth it especially over summer when you want to wear sandals or need to show off your feet by the pool.

Overall I am very pleased with most of the stuff I got this month and as next months box is already here am going to play some more. 😀

Let me know your thoughts.......

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