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Busy Week

Hello again, well as expected last week was rather hectic and being half term this week it is not much more settled.  I have filmed most of the Vlog and now need to edit it, as well as all the other bits of footage I intend fitting into it.  In between all the celebrating I have been trying to fit in some writing still which is in part the reason for being so quiet here, just not enough hours in the day.

For those of you who follow me on other media I know you will have seen this picture but for the rest of you this was taken on Sunday out for a family meal…


We are actually going back to the restaurant I took Lee to for a meal in a couple of weeks for my daughters birthday as she has not been there yet so fingers crossed she likes it.IMG00407-20140516-1732


Apologies for blurriness taken on phone rather than camera

We will lay it safe probably with the starters by ordering the anti-pasta platter and the warm starter platter so everyone can dig in and try different things. I love this sort of starter, even though sometimes I see things on the menu I would really want to try because it encourages the best thing about eating out together and that is the conversation as people pick things up and try them, I believe sharing is a huge part of food.

I will add lots more photo’s into the Vlog and on the monthly round up at the end of the month but if you want to see more birthday pictures from both Lee and monsters celebrations pop over to my FB page where I have shared the album.

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