Fact Vs Fiction


*Runs in and waves vigorously*

Just a quick hello to let you all know I am still around and have not fallen off the edge of the universe.  The truth is the sun is shining and I have been making the most of it.  Those of you who follow me on Twitter or who would like to now follow me on Instagram by clicking the link in the side bar will have seen the assault I made on several rose bushes.  Despite evidence to the contrary (bruises and scratches) I did actually win and shall shortly be beginning round two where I take on the brambles at the bottom of the back garden and discover what is in there that makes the dog smell so bad every time he crawls underneath them.

I also have two birthdays this week, tomorrow sees the monster turn six and Friday is the other half’s birthday although as you will also have seen if you follow me on either of those two media we went out for a meal to celebrate his birthday last Friday while Monster was at his big sisters.

I am running off again now to enjoy more of the sun, hang yet more washing out and do the school run before coming home doing tea and more house work, such an exciting life I lead lol.

Take care every one and I shall be back in a day or two when the dust and cake settles.

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