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I have not really read enough this week to actually write another post but instead I decided to do a YouTube search and see what the title brought up, I thought I would be a fun way of seeing how my views relate to others out there.

The first thing I found was this reading, now I have not yet reached this actual passage but it is very reflective of my of the description of journeys…

The language is not too bad when read to you but on the page can be very wearisome.  I must say though the reader has a lovely voice I fear if he read the whole book to me I would struggle to stay awake.

Next up a very brief review of the book as well as a general overview of Ann Radcliffe as an author, I confess I did rewind to check if we were reading the same book because the one she was reading seems much more exciting than mine, so I am guessing it all kicks off in the second half…

And finally my favourite thing I found was this music inspired by the story, I might try listening to it as I read maybe it would help…

Normal posts resume tomorrow fingers crossed or as soon as I write them hope you enjoyed this break fro scheduled programming.

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